CodinGame Sync Beta

the plugin works well, are there still plans to open source it?

does this allow you to get the result too? I wanna try Machine Learning on some games, and i think it should work if i can get results on my end

Does anyone know if there is workable plugin for InteliJ IDEA?

I also had this issue. Try doing the first option (install both ext and app) instead of the second. In other words. Pretend this part of the article didn’t exist:


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it not work well for me why ? i don’t have any message … juste no label activate with ON

nb : i use Opera

You have installed both? The App and the Extension? I could not install the App on my Opera GX. Had to install Chrome which I now only use for CG.

My only issue is that it takes up to 30 seconds to copy the code from the file into the CG IDE when I save the file. Any ideas?

Using it on Win 10, latest Chrome and VS 2022

Writing C# mostly

Not working with opera as browser. :frowning:

I can’t use Chrome Online Store to download.Could you give me the install file dictectly?Send it to

Is there any way to use different file location by puzzle?

Hi I still did not found an Edge ext …

Screenshot from 2023-03-14 15-25-31


It works with neovim!! :smiley:

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Here is important request.

Don’t you have an exe application? Also, I hope to see it on Steam. Finally, I hope to speak more languages from different countries. I really can’t understand English