[Community Puzzle] Agent X, Mission 1 β€” The Caesar Cipher - Puzzle discussion

No. Improve the puzzle statement with clearer definition is the way to go, in my opinion.
If necessary, extra test cases can be added.

My first go thru the testcases were all 100% then the validators … 3 of them failed. I decided to prioritize full space.words.space, then partial words(space.word or word.space), then i didn’t care if they had leading/trailing chars or not. Anyone that can’t see the contribution would be left a little in the dark me thinks. Suggestion would be to replace the ?;}{ and then split, but by priority works too.

That’s what I did.

Why the open and close braces are included? Was the error caused by using wrong chars to spilt?

I do think you could add a test similar to validator 3, i.e. a test where we get a wrong key if we search for the word as a substring match rather than as an exact word match.

Currently, validator 3 is the only case where it matters to have an exact word match and not just a substring match.

Also maybe a test where word is at the end of the plaintext.