[Community Puzzle] ASCII ART : Glass Stacking

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All IDE test cases pass but not he #4 validator and I don’t know why.
It’s not a “timeout” (I tried with 1000 in IDE even if the max is 29) and I’m (almost) sure that my code doesn’t crash.
Any hints about #4 validator ?

EDIT: The issue was a wrong number of lines for N like 9, 14, …

I’m not sure to understand: is there a problem with the test cases that must be addressed?

There is no problem. It was a bug in my code, a wrong calculation of the number of lines to draw.

Is there any reason why extra spaces to the right of the glasses? It’s not mentioned in the description, and I havent sennd this in other puzzles.

It’s not mentioned (and ought to be), but at least it’s consistent: all lines must have the same length.

Trimming specifications are often a pain ^^

I’m glad there weren’t some here :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case there was nothing to trim, so I had to write mode code to add extra spaces :confused:

I think this should either be mentioned in the requirements or solutions with arbitrary whitespace at the end of the line should be accepted; as it is now, the requirement has to be guessed from failing test cases.

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Only one solution can be validated so a choice has to be made.

Then I second JBM’s opinion that the whitespace requirement should be explicit.


I have exactly the same issue and I can’t see where I have a mistake. I don’t think it also a number of line issue.