[Community Puzzle] Blocking


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Created by @trictrac,validated by @LeRenard,@EricSMSO and @jacek1.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Fantastic challenge, thanks for all the work that went into making it. It may help if at the end to state that the block description is letter-flip-rotate-center where center means the block number that will be placed at the xy. I found it confusing to see the placement be described as letter-flip-rotate and then see examples of an additional digit. Yes I know the write up explains the additional digit, but the earlier writeup clearly says that it is only letter-flip-rotate, so it threw me off. I look forward to competing, thanks for making this game!


Referee doesn’t seem to currently enforce the 3 player opening move rule.

I think the 3rd shape in the image example “Or Flipped 1 time and rotated 1 to 3 times” is not correct. Top 1 and bottom 3 needs to be swapped. In the example the action Q01 is the same as Q12, but should not. Got me confused for a moment.

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I agree, looks wrong to me.

Super fun gotcha: game ends if player with lower score has to skip turn, but NOT if player with higher score has to skip. I suppose this makes sense, but since the game end conditions are not described, I had assumed this wrong based on seeing the game end upon skipping.

I think this is agains the rules: https://www.codingame.com/replay/516307590

For a 3 players game, to deal with the advantage of the proximity of an open zone, players 0 and 1 have to play shape A, B, C or D at the first round.

Is it useful to calculate yourself legal moves on board ?
so the input game for turn become useless I believe.

what do you suggest for league 2?

Sorry DavidAvsajanishvili,
I forgot a check in the referee, now it’s fixed.

@MuddySneakers your Rust bot is crashing, making Wood 1 far less fun, as a lot of Draws occur on remaining players.
@trictrac any ideas on how to make it more of a challenge with crashing players? Give players more blocks?

Huh. Wonder when it started crashing. I’ll try to take a look soon.

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Fixed. Looks like the version of one of the rust libraries may have changed out from under my bot.

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