[Community Puzzle] Breakthrough


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Created by @darkhorse64,validated by @trictrac,@Illedan and @daaskare.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

@darkhorse64 , @trictrac
can you help me to solve Puzzle Breakthrough … please.

It’s all in the tags. Write a Monte Carlo Tree Search or a Minimax using bitboarding to implement the playing engine.

Oh …I understand now …Its easy … thank you @darkhorse64

With so few people, and only a wood league, it’s not very encouraging to spend time on this, even though I think it’s a reasonably interesting problem. E.g. currently I’m #20 / 130 – and this gives me all of 4 pts (at least currently, maybe it needs to update for the day).

As a tip to people wanting to start, it’s very easy to get a ‘functioning’ robot, because you get the list of legal moves. You can just pick one of those (e.g. very simply always just the first or last one) and return that.

The next step would be to try and rate the moves somehow. (that’s what I’m currently doing).

The next more interesting step is looking into the future. That’s a bigger step (in general) as you’ll need to change to calculating viable moves yourself.

alchemsti, the community multiplayer contributions are not so much about gathering points, do the ‘official’ multis for that. And yes, you should look into minimax and MCTS for this game. Enjoy!

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Thanks! In fact, once things updated, I got a bunch of points, so I’m reasonably happy, and was motivated to improve.

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