[Community Puzzle] Bust Speeding Vehicles

Hello, I am attempting to solve this weekly puzzle but am a little confused and hoping to clarify the inputs.

In the example it shows the following which it claims to all be in KM
RSLJ97 134km 1447409503
RSLJ97 268km 1447411388
RSLJ97 403km 1447412242

When looking at these example timestamps they show:
Sun Jan 18 1970 04:33:29 GMT+1030 (Cen. Australia Daylight Time)
Sun Jan 18 1970 04:33:33 GMT+1030 (Cen. Australia Daylight Time)
Sun Jan 18 1970 04:33:40 GMT+1030 (Cen. Australia Daylight Time)

The difference between these cameras are 134km and 135km with the difference being only 4 seconds and 7 seconds.

I confuse…

You don’t need to do that time conversion. Just subtract the seconds from second camera with the seconds from first one for example.

Calculate allowed speed in km / s:
50 / 3600 = 0.013888 …

Calculate measured km / s
134 / 1885 = 0.07108…

So the guy is clearly speeding

On 3rd camera:
135 / 854 = 0.15807… so again speeding

I figured it out, I was not converting the input seconds correctly :slight_smile:

What is the expected output for the multiple vehicles? I am outputting like this but it doesn’t like it:

PAZD54 150 PAZD54 250 DJSS87 250 LSKD97 50

Just realised they need to be printed individually - all solved now.