[Community Puzzle] Container Terminal

Hi guys,
I loved this puzzle !

I have one question, is there an issue with Kotlin answers ?
How can all my tests be green but none of the validators pass ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(of course I didn’t hardcoded answers :wink:)

Anyone can help me ? I guess I’m not allowed to paste my code here so I’m quite stuck :worried:

Update : I rewrited my solution in Java (same algo) and all validators pass.
So I guess there might be an issue with Kotlin :cry:


I have the same problem, with Kotlin
can’t submit any of my solution with this language
so now I am rewriting them in python
Hope they fix it soon

We’re looking into the Kotlin issue
@moon_invader @Bifton

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The puzzle statement is way too wordy. Felt like I was reading a charles dickens novel and the important information gets lost in the paragraphs. A more concise statement would be useful. As a side note, this problem seems much harder than it actually is. Maybe a note of that would help?

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Very soon you will agree that a too wordy statement is much much better than a “I assume you know everything so I will not say much” statement.

Some spoiler hints are in this thread. Review them if you need to.


Just giving some ways to improve the statement, no need to take it personally. Yes, I’d prefer a wordy statement over a wordless statement, but I’d prefer a concise statement to both of those.

And I solved the puzzle just fine,not sure where I implied I needed it, but thanks for the passive aggressive tip nonetheless lol.

to me, your first message seemed more aggressive than @java_coffee_cup’s answer and didn’t imply you had solved the puzzle :wink:
You’ve made your point about the length of the statement and the author has the right to disagree.

Why post? Just to agitate? He didn’t disagree with me either, he agreed it was wordy. He just doesn’t appear to care.

The point of the discussion area is to post comments and concerns, so it’s not aggressive to post constructive criticism. Getting mad and being like “oh well if you need help feel free to search for some”. Who asked for help lol? The problem is simple. It’s just wordy.

Of course the community manager post to agitate… :roll_eyes:
You have not implied you need help, but neither the opposite… And you are the one who became aggressive when @java_coffee_cup supposed you need some…
The point of the discussion area of a puzzle is to speak about this puzzle. So if you have unrelated criticisms, please use a private message.
Well, since you posted your feedback and the author answered, lets close the digression.

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This is a great beginner problem, but it doesn’t really test implementation of stacks, since with a little thought about it, one realizes that its not necessary to keep track of stacks at all, just remember the set of the topmost values of all stacks. It is irrelevant how large the stacks are or what values lie under the topmost item in each stack, so you can forget about them.

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I came here just to say this. I was suprised to see the stack skill tag on the results panel.

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Why in the example the stacking was: aab bcc , we could have done :ab abcc, ? Or what’s the “efficient” rule, i undestand that when ship b come, it can take the two container at once, but it doesnt do A. So do i go with the less stacking area or is there something else?

By the statement, “efficient” means using the least ground areas, and no need to retrieve a container from middle of a stack.