[Community Puzzle] Futoshiki Solver


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Created by @Sundiver,validated by @TBali,@IAmNoob and @lhm.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Found that test case “4x4” can have these two solutions:


Are both of them valid?
if YES, the statement did not mention how to resolve a tie like this.
Or, the puzzle should have been designed to avoid having multi-solutions and state it in statement…
I have not thoroughly tested other test cases / validators. Would the author or approvers pls recheck?

In test case “4x4” there is a constraint:
0 0<3<0
Your second solution does not pass this.
Now I modified my code not to stop at first solution: There is exactly 1 solution for all test cases.

The test case/validator was updated by someone since my last message.Thanks the effort for the updater. A follow up message about the update done would have made it even better.

I am struggling with the validators for this puzzle. I’ve came up with a solution that works for all the tests based on exclusion principle. It also works for all validators except the “6x6” validator. Any chance to get the parameters to IDE to debug this case?

Just sent it via PM.

Hi @TBali,

thank you very much. Of course I will not hardcode a solution. That’s not the sports. I’ve just checked the provided validator and I think there is something wrong with it. If you could please have a look and check the second column, last and second last elements. Basically the constraint says: “0 < 1”. In my program, this eliminates all possible numbers for the “0” field, as actually the number needs to be less than 1.

All the best

I think when I copied the input in my previous message, this “smart” editor replaced multiple spaces with a single one. So the vertival constraint are in wrong place.
I try it once more, now with a ‘do not modify’ markdown.

Hello ! Like ansFourtyTwo, I am struggling with the validators for this puzzle. May I have the 7x7 validator for this puzzle please ?