[Community Puzzle] Goro Want Chocolate

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I’m glad this bot is back, but I think it would be better with an actual link to the puzzle, no?

Specific note to this puzzle: it’s the result of a live stream. Forum details here, but be aware there might be spoilers.

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Hey quick question here: I solved the problem (all validators pass) but some tests do not pass. Would you have an idea of why?

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Beautiful and Elegant puzzle. I love it !


I also had this problem. I fail test case 4, but all the validators pass. For the life of me I can’t understand why the provided answer “12” is correct.

75 75 74 38 38 36 20 20 16 16 8 8.
Try to place these squares in a 149 * 150, it works fine.


Thanks! I’ll try it.

Yes, that solution is valid. My code now finds it as well. It turns out I had mistakenly thought “Goro only cuts the longest side”. Which is not written in the description.
Thanks for your help.

I cant figure out how to fit 10 squares into the 13x51 grid at all. The lowest i can get of is 11. What 10 squares fit?

Try this:


Very good dp problem. Simple memorization solution would do.

Also the fourth testcase is fail.