[Community Puzzle] Hunger Games

Hi, guys!

I have some troubles with puzzle Hunger Games, easy level. I solved it local, copied code in Coding Game window and play first test case. Output shows that answer is correct, but there is a mistake

" Failure

What does it mean? What the “Na…” ? Can someone explain it? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

See the expected output : Separate each Tribute’s information with a blank line.
It seems you don’t do it…so Nothing (blank line) is expected and you output something like Name : blah blah

Expected output for test 1 :
Name: Bowser
Killed: None
Killer: Mario

Name: Mario
Killed: Bowser
Killer: Winner

Check that you have the empty new line between Killer: Mario and Name: Mario.


Hello, I think there is a bug in hunger game puzzle.

I have this kind of error for every test cases:
Trouvé : Killer: WinnerEnd of line (\n)
Attendu : Rien

The strange part, is that if a send a test data in IDE and play test case, the test ends successfully.

Have a nice day !

Could you please send your code to me by private message so that I can have a look?

Problem solved, I was wrong :expressionless:… Thank you !

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