[Community Puzzle] Langton's ant

As the title says, I’m in trouble passing the “Checkerboard” validator on this problem: Langtons 'ant
I successfully pass all the tests, including the big one with lots of turns, so I guess it’s not a performance problem. Since I pass all the tests, I don’t know what’s wrong with my algorithm…?

Same problem for me. I am coding in C
Some pb with the input I guess.
I found a workaround for other puzzles but not yet for this one.

By the way the description on the overview page is not displayed properly.

Most of the times, the validators of puzzles made by CodinGame are just a symmetry of the IDE tests. Maybe you mixed up x and y like Eldoir did?

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The explanation was not clear on the coordinates.
It fixed the pb, thx

_CG_Thibaud thanks for the answer, helped me too. But I think such a “huge” mistake (mixing up x and y) should be detected by the validators sooner, isn’t it possible to add one test to show the mistake ?

I guess we could add 1 or 2 test(s) where W != H

I’m not familiar with the puzzle though. Anyone wants to suggest a new test case (test + validator)?