[Community Puzzle] Legends of Code & Magic: Constructed

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Created by @aCat,validated by @MonkeyFeathers and @field3.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

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LOCM: Constructed is a competition for the IEEE COG conference.

Winning prize for the first place is 500 USD.
Submission deadline: 1st August 2022, 23:59 GMT

More info at the competition webpage: Strategy Card Game AI Competition - COG 2021

Every CodinGamer welcomed :-).

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Ok, I’ve been seeing player 0 (me) have 2 consecutive turns where the playerMana is the same. Which should only happen to player 1 when they use all their mana. Now I get it’s tricky with how actions are performed and data is displayed, etc. In one part of your code you use currentplayer=(cp+1)%2; and another you use cp=1-cp; which is fine… but I think all instances of Gamer are setting the bonusManaTurns=1 because it was last called with player 1. So I think you are missing a ‘this.’ on line 44 of Gamer.java And the handlimit is always 8 because the const for the second player max card bonus is 0. But if it was enabled, it would do the same thing…both player would have 9 instead of 8. Player 1 is getting the extra card, so it looks fine as-is. When I switch my bot to player 1, the mana goes up correctly as if i was player 0. But it’s basically when either player uses all their mana, they normalize. Let me know if I’m wrong, but I don’t think each instance of player[] has their own bonusmana.

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Ok, hello again. I can’t resolve the card count summary next to the graphic to what I actually picked. So I’m guessing that the counter array for creatures,red,grn,blue is looking at the wrong cardcollector or using the wrong index. So there’s 3 ids for every card…like where they come from (out of 160), then the ‘chosen’ 120, and finally the deck uid. So i couldn’t resolve the Player ### chose cards: and I’m guessing they might be showing the baseids? So, ok…I pick a card it is definitely a Shadowbiter…base id of 54, but then it shows up as a 15 w/ a uid of 1 , but the original PICK 109 ; is what I used to get it. That’s like 4 ids? I mean I only care about the last one. But the card type counter has got to be showing the wrong counts. Am i wrong, again? refer to Strategy-Card-Game-AI-Competition/ConstructPhase.java at 092d99f38a62dec4d8f68dce74d6bf1c0eb560b5 · acatai/Strategy-Card-Game-AI-Competition · GitHub I’m guessing line 113 is using choice.baseid … but something is getting screwed up. I choose 20 creatures … looks like i get them…but the graphic text shows 16 … or something different…every time. So I think a choice.id is being confused with a c.baseid., the mana curve looks correct, but the chosen types have got to be looking at the wrong c.type in whatever collector. i don’t know how it’s possible … it seems to be giving me the right deck.

aCat thanks…I should have been using CHOOSE id instead of PICK…I was trying to PICK id. Which pick is PICK nb. my bad.

this.mana = this.mana * prop.getMultCost() - prop.getAddCost();

is it really meant to work like this, improved cards having even lowered manacost with the usual multcost=1 and addcost=1 in cardweights.json? (or am i missing something)

Yes, it’s correct. We save actual cost as “mana” in dictionaty “properties”, and our budget in field “mana”. Then we use field as budget to spend on different properties, and reminder is used as base for attack and defense. Final cost to construct card is taken from “properties”, not from field.
But I must admit that names could have been chosen better.