[Community Puzzle] Monday Tuesday Happy Days

Hello, i have a succes with test 5 “Future”, but when i submit, i get the test 5 “past” wrong, any idea why ?
my code work for all the cases

I’m having the same problem - have you managed to work out what went wrong?

No, i still have 100% in the IDE with test cases (test case 5 “Future”) and only 80% in submiting (test case 5 “Past” is wrong)

@AchrafLy @Just5MoreMinutes
The only difference I see between the first set of test cases and the last one is that the validator has several months of difference between the two dates. Here’s the input:
Wednesday Jul 12
May 6

Does that help?


I get the validator 3 “How about now?” wrong on submit, any idea why?
my code work for all the cases on test.

what if the given date to compute day of the week is the same as the given date?

I saw no problem, the code worked correctly.
Could you inform the inputs to test?

sent them to you in PM. Please don’t hesitate to share here what was wrong in your code. Could help others.

Thank you.
The error in my code happened when the given date was at the end of February of a leap month.

Sorry about my English.


My code pass all test successfully but not the fourth validator.
I use python date time and find a correct year by looping on a range of year (more than 14) leap and weekday checking. It is sound.
Could please let me know the input of the fourth validator.


I’ll send it to you by PM. Please let us know here what was blocking you to help future players

Hi all, despite having a 100% during the test, i fail for test 3 “How about now”, which i tried now, now? and today as string input, but none of them seem to work. any idea please ?

Check if you are handling correctly a case like this:

Tuesday Feb 29
Feb 29

The answer should be Tuesday


ok, code tried invalid date with this 29 feb stuff, thanks !