[Community Puzzle] Murder in the village!

Some of the discussion above may help you?

I find this, but don’t help for me.

There are still other messages in this whole thread. Maybe you may read from the start?

Lol, ya, not help more… I redo all code like TheSwine explication, but now, it’s the validator #1 fail.

Like write when validator failed : “Les validateurs suivants diffèrent de ceux présents dans l’IDE pour éviter les solutions codées en dur. C’est pour cette raison que certains d’entre eux peuvent échouer même si la totalité des tests de l’IDE passaient.”. So, if I passed tests in IDE without random/hardcoding answers; normally, I must pass validators also.

One thing you may try, though I cannot guarantee it must help you, is to use the existing test cases, change the order of the sentences, and see if your code still works.

All the tests are ok, but validator 6 not ok. Could someone explain me what validator 6 is about, please ?

Test 6 and validator 6 are similar - the differences are:

  • The people’s names are different.
  • The statements are given in a different order.

Thx, but I don’t get it.

Have you tried testing your code using a modified test case, i.e. modifying the order of the statements in test 6? There are only 2 other possible orders: the alone statement becomes the first one or the second one. And the output should remain unchanged.