[Community Puzzle] Shoot Enemy Aircraft

this had me thinking like 2 whole days, aint no way this is easyyy
but it was fun tho

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It was fun.
I handled shift down of aircrafts when they aren’t targetable before they reach altitude boundaries .

It’s badly that this kind of scenario wasn’t checked by validators/test.
Because this usecase need more work on implementations.

This puzzle was supposed to be a CoC so I didn’t made it too difficult. Every aircraft can be shot. Maybe I should have added unreachable aircraft … I didn’t think about it when I made this puzzle as an easy one.

Description is certainly lacking, it should clearly describe all possible (and impossible) conditions.
For example, what happens if planes collide?
Is it always possible to shoot all planes?
Does the missile gets destroyed when it hits the plane, or does it travel further?
I know certain things might be obvious, but all assumptions on input data should be unambiguous

Yes it was obvious for me, and nobody asked me to add these informations when the puzzle wasn’t approved yet.
The statement has been updated, thanks for your feedback.

I really enjoyed that, thanks!

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Yes, very good one, thank you :slight_smile:

is there any other test case? having the same problem as the above comment

Thank you, this is a really nice puzzle. Concise and intriguing.
I have passed all the testcases. I also tested it with multiple hardcore scenarios including the one you suggested but after submitting I only receive 75% score. I have spent half my day on it and just need that 100% as a compensate.

Are you failing “Hold the line”? See here: [Community Puzzle] Shoot Enemy Aircraft - #15 by Remi