[Community Puzzle] Snake Sort 2D

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Created by @Orace,validated by @schizo,@NewCoder09 and @hwinston.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


I think the description should say that the snake does not take rows with no apples.
Nice puzzle


Agreed, I think the instructions should be amended.

Once I saw this comment, I went back to re-read the instructions and could see what the OP meant (skip empty rows). But I think it’s probably a common misunderstanding on first glance to just wind back and forth through all rows.

I misinterpreted the rules and assumed I had to make a left/right choice traversing down the rows.
It’s simpler than that.

Sheesh, I didn’t realize it skipped empty rows either. Was that obvious by the instructions?

The instructions say:

it then goes down to the next row that contains apples.

Loved this puzzle. At first forgot to dont take empty rows but it was very cool and very nice way to learn about sorting !