[Community Puzzle] Stall tilt

I require assistance.
I cannot, for the life of me, understand why in the world, in the first example, f comes before d…
F has a speed of 25, D has a speed of 23. The optimal speed is 22. They both fall on the second turn. They should come alphabetically, d, then f.
Am I missing something???

Same on the second version. How does F(V=33) come before A(V=20) when the limit speed is 18?

In first example, F comes before D because it has a higher speed.

Ordering of the ones who fall down is first by the number of laps completed, then by speed and finally by name.

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Thank you Tutmalo!
This is completely unclear in the description, which is very poorly worded and could just as well ask for alphabetical order.
I am rather disappointed by this puzzle.