[Community puzzle] The Burglar's Dilemna

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If anyone cares to allocate time to this old puzzle like me, I wish to share my findings and invite anyone to correct me.
The puzzle gave this example:
1 2 3 4
1 2 4 5
1 2 4 8
“Assumption 3 - CLUCK is the sound for a correct number:
This means that 4 is the correct 3rd and 4th number. Looking at the first line, 3 being next to 4, we guess that CLACK has the adjacent meaning. But …”

When Cluck was assumed to be Sure Match, there is still the possibility of
(Click==Adj Match, Clack==No Match) or (Click==No Match, Clack==Adj Match). In the above puzzle statement the second one was proved to be impossible (well-done) but the first one is still open. By using this open assumption there are multiple possible combinations not mentioned, as follows:

(Click==Adj Match, Clack==No Match, Cluck==Sure Match)
Combination can be [0 1 4 4], [0 3 4 4], [2 1 4 4], [2 3 4 4]

Was it too early to confirm the only possible combination is [1 2 5 5]?

Some of the test cases (and validators) might have similar multiple combinations possibly unnoticed.

1 2 3 4
(Click==Adj Match, Clack==No Match, Cluck==Sure Match)
Combination can be [0 1 4 4]

Then the 3rd sound would be a CLICK, not CLACK.

I solved this puzzle a while back and to me it seemed that there is a unique solution (or that you have to FLEE). I could not find any logical flaws.

Euler u are right.
I overlooked that the meaning of “No Match” should include not matching the adj numbers as well.
With this logic weapon in hand the puzzle is resolved.


This is a well-set puzzle for every logical beings. Other worth-trying puzzles of similar type are:

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  • Einstein’s riddle solver
  • Simple safecracking

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Very nice puzzle, very well balanced.
Clear description, funny background story.
Finding the combination is a clever motivation booster.
I love it !

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As far as I understand, this should return FLEE but my first attempt returned 2 and passed 100% of the available test case. Would be nice to add this to the list of test cases.

I can confirm FLEE, as both my own solution as well as the problem setter’s print it.
I’m just uncertain if we should add a new validator now, 3 years after the approval. Doing so would not be a big deal, anyone with level 30 or above can edit the contribution.

Good point, the tests could use a one digit code with a FLEE anwser (was it the cause of your failure ?), so I added yours :wink:

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In my initial solution I only tried to find one valid configuration of CLICK,CLACK,CLUCK and print its solution. Valid configuration = one in which we only have one possible answer.

For the test case I mentioned there are two valid configurations but they yield different results.

Thanks for your reply and for adding the testcase!

I think this test is not valid and the solution is not FLEE.
The wording (in French) tells that all previous attempts are failures, so “2” can’t be a solution as it has already been tried.

There’s only one valid solution left, so it can’t be flee.

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I’m sorry, but i have to agree with didierg98, in the problem description, it clearly states that previous attempt are failure, so FLEE can’t be an answer, can you correct the validators ?
i’m stuck on this one, all my tests passed but only 62% of the validators

You’re both absolutely right, I haven’t thought of that. I removed this test case, thank you.

Maybe it’s a bit long after this, but I have a problem with the “long code” combination
I found FLEE, but it says it should be
4 2 1 9 6 6 0 7 3 2

I try to debug, and I think it should be flee ?
For the same combination, I found out it for the 4th number could be 0 or 9 (in my opinion)
[[4], [2], [1], [0, 9], [6], [6], [0], [7], [3], [2]]

Anyone else did have this ?

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