[Community Puzzle] Wordle

Thank you all for being patient. I have updated the validation process with a new set of 9935 words, each of length 6 letters. The statement and I/O protocol have also been revised to reflect these changes.
For those who have already submitted your code, I kindly request that you update your code in accordance with the new I/O protocol and validation process. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you.


Interesting news. Is there a link to a dictionary for offline testing? It would be more convenient than getting it from the debug output.

The word set used in the game can be found here: english-words/6letters.txt at master · tanvir362/english-words · GitHub


Thank you.

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I believe that such a change should not happend.
This is a different puzzle now and could go as Wordle 2.

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The fact is the previous Wordle optim was flawed and had to be removed anyway.

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Hello everyone!

Can anyone tell me that where does the total guessing number comes from?
Our submitted algorithms are tested with another input that is different from the test cases of the game?

Thank you for your answer!
Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. The game is awesome!

Certainly! In order to prevent hardcoded answers, a series of tests are conducted after the submission against a different set of test cases, which are known as validation test cases. The number of guesses made for each validation test case will be added to your total guess count.

That’s Cool!

Thank you!