[Community Puzzle] Zeckendorf representation, part I - Puzzle discussion

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Created by @HamidTor,validated by @kayou,@l0p3c and @Rafarafa.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

The newest bot: finishing puzzles before even starting them.

The “start” count is triggered by using the online IDE. If there is an API for submitting solutions, one could “finish” a puzzle without “start”.

Is CG launching out this new feature?

I think the “finished” number is updated faster than the “started” number.


The “started” number is inceased since you play a test case ? If you submit a good solution without testing, maybe you can increase the “finished” number and not the “started”.

Just tested this, and found it not to be the case (copied solution code, and directly submitted without testing. Before I started the number was 12 started 13 finished; after I submitted without any tests, it jumped to 13 / 14, so that behavior is as it should be).
Oops I copied solution code :grimacing: - I promise to solve this puzzle as soon as possible myself as well.

Shame on you ! :joy:
(I think it won’t be difficult for you to solve it :wink: )

Yup, it wasn’t too hard indeed. Still a curious bug though - I’m going to watch for it in some of the upcoming newly approved ones. Maybe it’s something that always happens (as in, it always starts with 1 finished 0 started, maybe counting the contribution’s solution code) but simply is invisible as soon as multiple people start the puzzle.

Maybe it was me? I had already solved it in python/cpp through the contribution page, and I submitted both at the same time, more or less when @Remi also submitted.