[FAQ] (Really) Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to try older challenges ? I mean, I would like to code on a former challenge, as code vs zombie. Is it only possible ?

thank you

Yes, all old challenges are now in the ‘puzzles’ or ‘AI bots’ pages. You can directly access them from the navigation menu on your left.

Code vs Zombies is in the optimization tab of the puzzles page.

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Is there a way to see in the result page the error message or the result of the test or logs ?

I’m trying to do the Rollercoaster puzzle and I had errors where some test were not passing … while passing in the IDE => I wanted to check logs or something but didn’t find anything :frowning:

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How does the Optimization Criteria Value get calculated?

Is there going to be an mobile app that would allow you to work on your code while being out of home?

Is there a way to do step-by-step debugging?

Why in some puzzles the test cases on the puzzle page do not match those in the final submission page. Like in the case of “Super computer” puzzle.

Why on the puzzle page I got only 3 test cases?

Example 1
Example 2
Large number of scientists

while in the final page when I submit my solution I am getting :

Simple Case
One scientist
All starting days are identical
All end dates are identical
Parallel calculations
Overlapping calculations
Large number of scientists
Large number of satisfied scientists

The thing is I pass all three tests on the puzzle page. But when I submit my solution I get only 87% and a statement that last test “Large number of satisfied scientists” not passed.

The thing is I want the test cases on the puzzle page to match those on the final score page.

At least the name of the validator should give you a clue.

what i do when this appear “Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time… ghazal will no longer be active in this game”
how to solve this problem ??

It means that your program is either too slow (check the time limits in the game statement) or that for some reason it is not printing anything during the loop.

In any case, it is a problem only you can fix in your program. Good luck!

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Is C++ not optimized with -O or -O2 ? I was trying a challenge that needed to be efficient and noticed that Java was faster for the same sort of algorithm, so I suppose the JVM had the chance to optimize the code (because it does it by default, the JIT, etc.), whereas C++ had not.
If so, can you at least compile C++ with -O (say, because -O2 would be too slow) ? I believe C++ is meant to be optimized in general.

  • danBhentschel

Funnily enough, ghc uses -02 as the default optimization level, making it actually faster than both Java and C++. In fact, even if it wasn’t the case, Haskell source code can contains pragmas to tweak the compiler options ({-# OPTIONS_GHC -O2 #-} for those who wonder)… Just bragging. :kissing:

Hello There,

Great Site been having lots of fun!

2 suggestions which will hugely increase the value of this site:

  1. Please allow us to choose which game mode we want to play when we create a server, eg fastest, shortest or reverse. This will lower server usage and bandwidth for you guys cause we won’t be creating and leaving every time it’s not golf. (we love golf.)
  2. Please allow us to go back and view the code… Once we submit and we are all sitting on the lobby waiting for others, we should be able to view other peoples submissions. This is the whole point of doing something like this site is to learn and practice. but practicing is no good if you don’t get to see how other people arrived at the same result.

Thanks so much if you read this. keep it up guys, love the site.



Q: i didnt solve any puzzles in the past 2 days,how did i get 70 points of coding?
Q2:i solved 2 clashes today but i didnt get any addtional points, why?

Q1 if you’re playing bot programming games then, the more players, the more points you can get. Independently of your code.
Q2: Depends against who you won. Were they private clashes?

Quand pourra-t-on rejouer à Hypersonic ?

Hypersonic will be released end of this month

Is there a way to retry the questions in the clash of codes?

Is there a way to save your progress and come back to it later ?