[FAQ] (Really) Frequently Asked Questions

Should read as “You need to understand very little of it to proceed though.”

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Clash of Code keeps giving me CAPTCHAs. At first, I didn’t get any; then they determined I wasn’t a bot, but then they started having me solve them, but now I can’t even solve them. Once I do one, another pops up, and if I click for audio, it displays: Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. For more details visit our help page. Is there anything I can do?

Captchas should happen only if you play a lot of CoC. I don’t know though why you can’t solve them. I’m sorry about the inconvenience.

Is there an easy way to revisit puzzles I have already solved?
What I do right now:

  • open “practice”
  • select the relevant category
  • scroll to the bottom

What I want:
in my profile find a link: “Puzzles I solved” or even “puzzles I have worked on”

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We need to see how others play so that we can understand how should we write the code for the game. I don’t know how the game process the code at all even tho sometimes I understand what’s the puzzle about! Does it interpret the string as an input? Or does it want us to make our own inputs? It’s just confusion for some new programmers to the game and to coding in general.

THanks for the infromation. It really saved me!

Not sure about this, but I think this question is subject to be asked frequently, this is why I ask it in the FAQ.
During a code clash, somebody who achieved 0% shared his code, that way I saw he made an error.
I should like to send him a message, but I do not know how.

you can either contact the person in the clash chatroom or on the general chat. If you’re both friends, you can message them directly from their profile card.

OK, I forgot what I wanted to tell to whom, I searched for a clash chatroom button, I shall try and have a better look.
Oh, the profile card, yes that is an idea.

Hey guys I’m new here and I have a question! If I link my codingame profile to my CV, can companies see the codes I submit in the practice section or it’s just available for me to see and I should push them to GitHub or something? Thanks in advance!

They’ll access your achievements, level and rank, and that’s it.

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Is there a way to see the problems that we already solved? I just can’t find where. thank you

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Go to a puzzle section such as easy. The solved problems appear at the bottom of the page. Your submitted codes are in the history tab inside the puzzle IDE.

I’m new and still stumbling around. I’ve found the FAQ and this FAQ topic, but no other help documentation.
I’ll list my early questions here as a vote in case they are asked frequently enough to be covered in the FAQ.

  1. How can I see my completed practice puzzles? (I found the answer in the replies here).
  2. I tweaked a published solution twice, so now I see three solutions posted by me. I thought subsequent submissions would replace the previous one. Can I “unpublish” the first two?
  3. When I select the SOLUTIONS tab (from DETAILS/DISCUSSIONS/SOLUTIONS), community solutions are listed highest score first (and of course it doesn’t list all 250,000 solutions). Is there a way to list these by most recently published?

If the answer to question 3 is “yes”, I think the feature should be easier to find.
If the answer to question 3 is “no”, it seems to me that this feature is highly desirable.

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And I forgot question 0: is there some site navigation help available that I am missing?

thanks @tom-harvey for the list. The current FAQ is old and should contain way more information. The rework of FAQ is still in my TODO list, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start working seriously on it.
For now, the place where you’ll find the most information is the forum (I know it’s not ideal)

To answer your questions:

  1. They’re at the bottom of each puzzles list.
  2. When you click on one of your solutions in the solutions tab, you can publish if it’s unpublished or unpublish it if it’s published. The button label could be improved.
  3. I don’t think it is currently possible. I agree it would make sense to show more recent solutions. I believe the solutions section needs some kind of lifting to make it more useful.

I’m new in the field of competitive programming and I want to know how can I program and run my code locally? One of the limitation of this website is that all the code has to be in a single file, I want to divided it into diferent files (classes, header files, etc) so it’s more organized when the code becomes huge. I was solving some Practice problems (1 player problems) and I copied the test cases into text files and then read them in my code. Is there a better way to do it and how could I copy the code of different files into a single file so it can be ran in codingame (I do it manually)? Another question is how could I do the same but in Multilplayer games (code and test in my local pc)?
I’m sorry for the long questions but I appreciete your help.

I can only speak for Visual Studio-supported languages, but I’ll tell you what I know. Keep in mind I’m going on a couple of years now since I was an active competitor, so better methods may be possible.

Running tests against downloaded test cases: Set the command line to use the DOS << flag to use the test case file as its input. I think it’s in Project->Options in VS

Upload 1 file while developing in many: I, like most competitors, have a homemade text file combiner. It parses out the “using” lines and puts them on top, grabs the main method, and then opens and includes every file it needs. I added it as a tool in VS so I can generate a combined file with a couple of clicks. Combine that with a user-generated tool called CG Sync (more details are in this forum) and there’s no copy-paste required anymore.

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Also, if you search in the Tools category, you can find a C++ code bundler


Are the three difficulties still available in CoC?