Genome Sequencing puzzle discussion

hello everybody, i need help
i did the task 85%, i completed all test cases available from ide window but on submit i fail Multi-solutions and Sequences included and disjointed tests.
i need to know what data is supplied in them to debug

btw, i saw tjeri92 solution code, and my code is 25 lines shorter, if you take into account that zero task solution include 25 lines of input parsing that means i just don’t know where i could fail in such short code

i pass, don’t know what to do
i have rewritten all questionable parts of code, all parts that i copypasted from rosetta without proper understanding, everything
those two tests still fail, need help

guys, seriously, a week passed - nobody had an occasion to help?

I’m in the opposite case. I fail the test case “AACTT” (because I don’t change the order of the words) but I still have passed all the validator tests and obtained the achievement for having succeed 100% of the tests.

There is an algo for this one, I found it on the web.

i think that my algorithm is ok, as it passes test cases before submit
i think first validation should be checked, and i want to see more detailed results of this check do recheck my algorithm
not just red X or green V

The validation cases are often harder than the test-cases.

you did not qoute the FAQ correctly
they are not harder, they are slightly different to avoid hardcoding
i know this, FAQ is the topic which is pinned globally and there is answer for my question:

i really did first three steps to detect if the fail is mine
now i only need a fourth step, and i can not do it myself

I think that there is no bug, but maybe that your algorithm is not the awaited one.

people don’t “wait” for a certain algorithm, they wait for a task solution
all those tasks can be solved not only in one certain way, and nobody demands complete knowlege of that way before the task is started
i need to know why my algorithm fails on the test cases that are applied to it after submit and are not available from ide window
all the tests from ide are passed, so the question is really only in those two test cases from validation which data are closed

@bvs23bkv33 if you’re 100000% sure that your algorithm is perfect, try summoning one of the admins (not me, i’m a rōnin) by naming them with “@” in your post.

Most popular for this kind of task is @SaiksyApo, then if it’s harder @loick_michard and if it’s even harder (but shouldn’t) @FredTreg . Don’t summon the CEO @fredericdesmoulins unless you want to tell him his site is awesome, which it is.

I guess I’ve summoned all of them :slight_smile: don’t abuse it though

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@CvxFous thanks :slight_smile:

@FredTreg @CvxFous The Solution to the last test case is wrong.

Input :


Expected String : CCCTGACATGA (11)

Actual Answer : CACCTGACA (9)

This problem is actually called the **Shortest Supersequence ** and as you can see the answer that I have provided contains all the subsequences in the correct order.

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No, the subsequences must be uncut.

Subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another sequence by deleting some elements without changing the order of the remaining elements
Example : abc”, “abg”, “bdf”, “aeg”, ‘”acefg”, … etc are subsequences of “abcdefg”

Substring of a string S is another string S that occurs “in” S.
Example : “the best” is a substring of “It was the best of times”.

There is a minor difference :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: What you are referring to is substring but the problem says subsequence.

I actually whent throught this Article : Shortest Common Supersequence and was baffled when my code didn’t pass the testcases.

###PS: Geeks4Geeks is really helpful for Hard Problems and Competitive Programming

You are mathematically right but the problem is about genome. So… you might report a bug.

me too, I have a code with the validation test A + C = AC not working. Anybody known how th debug a validation test, or the imput data for this test.
thanks a lot

I used Java, and given the small number of subsequences, I could pass all tests using a brute force algorithm. i think you are just interpreting the results wrong

In my cases, tests pass.
For validations, the only one that fails is “Almost superimposed”.

I try a case like the one below and it works.
This is what I would assume to be almost superimposed.


Any clues on what to expect for this case ?

I have a problem with one of the validators as well, namely, Example 3, but with the first two words nested. I’ve tried a bunch of combinations from Example 3 and everything seems to be correct. All of the other validators and tests pass smoothly. Any ideas?
(PS. I wish the names of validators would be more specific, since right now all the feedback I get is ‘something’s wrong! good luck trying to figure out what.’

Maybe cause most people fail at the A+C = AC one include it in the test cases so people can debug that one or see what is wrong with it. I’m one of those people who is failing at this one, and only this one, and it’s kinda frustrating to solve something where you can’t see your fault.