GM Script to maximize the console and minimize IDE in combination with CG sync

i read in the german channel about someone searching for a possibility to maximize the console div when writing in the external editor. So i wrote a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey Script to do this as soon as cg sync is used.

If anybody is interested

if you have any problems with the script just tell me here and i try to fix it asap

All this script does is check if the ide of a puzzle is open identified by ‘ide/puzzle/’ in the location bar
Then in checks if cg sync is active by looking if the language selection button is disabled or not

And if both is true it changes some CSS property to reduce the height of the ide, move the console to the right and maximize height/width and move testcases to the left and adapt the width.
After CG sync is deactivated (language button no longer disabled) it resets the style information.

Before you can use this you have to install greasemonkey or if you use chrome tampermonkey
Firefox ->
Chrome ->


Just added a manual minimize button to the IDE, if the manual button is used the ide is left at a height of 100px so a manual copy&paste is still possible