How is the Coding Rank calculated?

Languages have differences making them incomparable in such challenges.You need more bytes to write a message in Java than in Ruby.

@Plopx codes certainly use the same algorithm but uses language tricks and behaviours are not the same. I believe solving it with 46 bytes in Ruby is as hard as 158 bytes in Java.

The current points distribution is fair whatever the languages you code in. Giving 500 points based on an overall ranking favour some languages over others and that’s not the aim.

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I just realized that this could be ambiguous: by 5 best scores, do you mean:

  • the 5 languages that reward you the most CP?
  • or, the 5 languages with the least characters? (5 firsts in global ranking)

5 that reward the most CP

@yohannjardin Yes agreed some languages do have an advantage over others in CodeGolf.But thats what code golf should be. There was a time when I know only C/C++ but I actually went out and learnt perl on my own to be better at code Golf competitions. Languages like Ruby and Perl have a huge advantage over Java and C++ in such competitions.But in some problems that require heavy use of STL Java and C++ have a huge advantage.
I still believe the leader board should be mixed.

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My opinion is that the “levels” (mentor/master/gm/guru) is way way way 2 easy to go up into and should be rescaled.


You cant really help that.Those titles are just mere representation of the percentile that you are at. Its easy to climb because lot of people have a very low score.

I agree with heinrichdt on the “levels” problem. I’m ranked as a “grand maitre” (great master), although I have only completed the easy puzzles.
So maybe could it be improved by ranking only the people who have scored 100% at the “onboarding puzzle” (the tutorial). That will remove, at least, the people ranking below near the 59398 position, because below this position they don’t have the 30 minimal points that a 100% score at the onboarding puzzle give, and maybe a little more since it’s possible to have 30 points by adding a pseudo to your account (10 points), join (10 points) and start a contest (10 points).
I don’t think that it will be a high barrier to entry.

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I have reached the guru title by just doing easy and most of the medium puzzles, I wish it had been a bit harder as it would have felt more of an achievement. And it also makes the graph obsolete pretty quickly.

On the other hand, I’m now looking at the leaderboards and the ranking instead so it’s not that big of a deal.

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You are right and the CG team is currently working on this issue. You’ll know more as soon as it is ready for release.


Awesome, thanks guys :slight_smile:

That’s great news, as current determination of levels also annoys me a bit: i should never dare to call myself a “guru”, not even “mentor” or such. “master” and above levels should be given to guys who solved the very hard puzzles.

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Already fix for the next release.

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Great, thanks!

How is computed the new status (disciple, mentor) and so on?

how clash of code cp calculated?


The status are calculated depending on the top % you are.

As this percentage balance changes frequently, we can’t provide you exact metrics for the future but for now it is something about this :

  • Guru : top 0.1%
  • Grand master : top 1%
  • Master : top 3%
    and so on

For Clash of Code CP, this is exactly like multiplayer game with a cap of 5000 :

I edit the post to reflect that.


sorry if this isn’t relevent but how the score to the clash leaderboard is calculated?
not CP .
If it isn’t releated to this topic please before ban tell me and delete this message pls.

I am unable to correctly calculate my optimization points with the formulas given there is a small difference ~150/2500. Has anyone been able to correctly calculate his points?

Just try again à 2AM UTC, when nobody had the time to shake up the rankings.

No that’s not the problem the difference is too big it’s still off this morning for example. I used to think it was error on counting the position in the language rankings but Magus made a tool that counts for you and it’s still wrong.