How is the Coding Rank calculated?



In theory, you should count only those with score > 0 (see the first post here).
I rechecked and found that my number N=3350 was wrong (I counted those with more than 0% completion).
My bad, but those with positive score are 3356, the difference is insignificant.

And I did try the hypothesis that the rule changed and one should count all participants (so that N=3963).
This would give 3761 CP.
None of these fits.


Ok. My wrong.
I didn’t read previous post.:pensive:


Can we have the complete rule for calculating the status? A previous post has mentioned 3 of them :
Guru : top 0.1%
Grand master : top 1%
Master : top 3%



Hi ! I probably have a bug with points from clashes. I just discovered clashes, I played maybe 10 times, and I still have more than 600CP, ranked in top 0.2%. I’m not sure to well understand the counting method, but this looks like impossible. :laughing:


There are a lot of users with very little points that get included in the calculation for the percent number. Users who only have created an account and didn’t even finish the first game.

I guess its the same for the CoC Points. There are probably a lot of users who only tried it once.


I really don’t understand how it works. :sweat_smile:
I’m ranked 140/16679 with a score = 16,56 for 8 clashes.
I have 623CP associated.
I see another player (Sylver-phoenix) ranked 157/16679 with score = 16,15 for 9 clashes and 2035CP associated.

Then how the score is calculated ? And how the CPs are calculated from this ?


I don’t know where your numbers are from. On your profile it says you are 598 / 363305, if you hover over the CoC graph. That puts you into the 0.2 percent, because the number 363305 includes all the abandoned accounts.

Take a look at the first post if you want to know how the CP number is calculated.


It comes from the specific ranking of the clashes page.


All CG Points except those that comes from Achievement are only updated once a day, around 1.A.M (UTC+1). You should have all the point you were expecting before right now.


How are the point in the clash leaderboard calculated?
I have written my past 10 clashes (rank and points won or lost), and it just doesn’t make sense.
For example I ranked 4/6 and WON 0.05 points, then a few clashes later if ranked 3/6 and LOST 0.14!! (i’m pretty sure of this^^)


This isn’t Codingame Point, this is Elo rating system. Long story short, it depends on who you fight and which rank they are. If they are at a much higher rank, even if you lose you can still win point, and vice versa.

Codingame Point are awarded for Clash of Code as such:

N=Total user? (CG is still blurred about this one)
N=Points of the 1st in Coc (Currently TheNinja with avg 3000)


I didn’t know about the Elo rating system, thanks a lot!


My Coding game moved from 2071 to 85 in last few days, what was changed ?



Hello, I want to ask why I lose all my points. I had more than 2000 points and rank master, now I have 0 points and 12 level. Maybe I don’t understand how works new rating system? Can anyone explain me? My nickname is Grivladan


Please follow the link in my above post.


Best idea ever!


Has the ranking system changed or something? As I looked through my history, I used to have some 300 something codingpoints and now I have none! I couldn’t have gotten that bad huh?

Also, is AI the new Multi? And does that net more points?


In the first post on Contest Scoring it says:
“This is fairer for newcomers as they can beat the best old players by scoring high in the next contests.”
But this is not true.

The maximum score possible for Codebusters was 3968 CP, this went to Recar.
But the top 331 entrants of Code vs Zombies all got more than 3968 CP (the maximum was twice that).
And the top 73 of Smash The Code got more than 3968 CP, and so on.
So if someone got top 100 scores in the previous 3 contests then a newcomer cannot beat them.
Even Recar’s victory score is not included in his own total, because he has 5 better scores already!

So perhaps we can give each contest a comparable, fixed score? e.g. use
3000^((N-C+1)/N) * 2
instead of
N^((N-C+1)/N) * 2
(and keep the best 3).


Can someone help me with the calculation for contests? Based on the first post, I have this:

Code vs Zombies 92/3350 = 5374 CG Points
Smash the Code 380/2490 = 1515 CG Points
Dont Panic! 58/775 = 950 CG Points
There is no Spoon 366/1195 = 274 CG Points
Platinum Rift 474/1080 = 101 CG Points
Coders Strike Back 1639/2530 = 32 CG Points
Platinum Rift 2 337/560 = 25 CG Points
Back to the Code 1440/2017 = 18 CG Points
Code of the Rings 1206/1691 = 17 CG Points
Poker Chip Race 388/449 = 5 CG Points
The Great Escape 1028/1153 = 4 CG Points

But the total of points that I have in reality is 8761. How exactly is the N in the formula computed? All users > 0% doesn’t seems right, neither does all score > 0, neither a mix, neither all users. So what is it?