I'm really bad and i can't even afford a level easy. May have some help plz?

*Hello everyone, listen, i just started CG a few days ago, and i’m so bad that i can’t even afford a easy level. *

** If some good guys may help me to do my task I will be really happy. Thank you for reading*

“Easy” dose not mean easy for newbies. It is more like “easy for competent programmers”.
Don’t worry if you are not competent yet. Try finishing the “easier than easy” on-boarding puzzles first.

I would suggest trying to solve CG easy puzzles first (the descent for example).
There are three steps :

  • understanding the statement (what you are supposed to solve)
  • writing a solution on paper
  • use the langage of your choice to write your solution on CG

Good luck on this website, a good tool to improve. Here you will find problems to solve, you will have to figure out the algorithms, and the tools to master a langage are all over the internet, not here.

Hola Pablo_21 !
Power of Thor is also relatively easy.
Generally, you should look for the easy puzzles from the success list in the quest map.
Success rate of puzzles gives also an indication of which are the easiest.
Each puzzle is tagged with notions such as loops, conditions etc…
Understanding those will help to solve puzzles.
You may choose a language and read about the basics.
I like Java but I don’t know if it is the best to begin with.

You can start doing the Clashes which are easier than the “classic” puzzles, and if you want to do them without a time limit, just go to

Maybe get some of these done and under your belt for practice first

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Also, you can go to this website


and sort by the success rate and start off with the ones that have the higher success rate.

This will be the easiest of easy

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You will get better with time

(thanks for this actually :slight_smile: i’ll definitively use it)

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