Kotlin support

Only one of the competitors I am aware of have integrated Kotlin. (If we can count CF as a competitor ^^)
Looks like this is more a “legal” issue or the fact that Kotlin is not a “fair” language.

The solution to the first potential problem is clearly out of reach for me as I lack proper documentation.
The solution to the second potential problem (PP) is easy : no ranking for Kotlin solutions and reduced XP.

Though, I wouldn’t even “solve” the second PP since, after all, it is a tool available for everyone, for free!

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I just get started on this platform, its awesome. But It would be much better to have such a great language as Kotlin. Especially for Android developers that doubts about switching to this language without trying it out somehow. This platform could provide such a great tool to do this. Thanks anyway guys, nicely done.

P.S sorry for bad English :frowning:

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While waiting for it to show up on CG, if you really want to try it out, I’d recommend playing around on exercism.io. It’s a pretty nice way to learn a new language.

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Hi AudriusK, i´m learning Kotlin with Antonio Leiva, he is really good.

He has so many posts in his blog and a book to start with 0 knowing.

Im very happy working with Kotlin.

You can see more here https://antonioleiva.com/kotlin/

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+1 it would be nice!

This langage seems really fun for regular java developers and i would like to try it


+1 it would be nice indeed !

This language seems to also seduce people coming from C# and the .NET platform.


I love CodingGame but it’s painful solving problems in either Java, Scala, or Python after learning Kotlin.

Are there any plans to include Kotlin as one of your supported languages?


Since Kotlin is now officially supported for Android by Google, it may be the proof that this language deserves serious attention :slight_smile:
Even Google defines it as something better than Java at Google I/O, and decided to create a foundation with JetBrains for Kotlin!


What an argument. Allow me to retort! (Tongue in cheek. Mostly.)

Since Kotlin still isn’t officially supported by Codingame for neither contest nor puzzles, it is the absolute proof that this language still doesn’t deserve any attention whatsoever. :slight_smile:
Even Codingame defines it as something worse than VB.net on the Platform, and decided not to bestow it with a “supported language” status.

Just because Codingame hasn’t included Kotlin yet doesn’t mean, that they already have made up their minds about Kotlin.

Maybe they are just to busy getting tech.io up and running… :wink:


The only reason Im not envolved in this is the lack of Kotlin support :frowning:

Is there something to do to help to get it?

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You’ll surely see Kotlin on tech.io before than on codingame.

hope to see it soon on codingame since the google I/O announce


Thanks to Jetbrains team and @_CG_XorMode, Kotlin arrives soon on CodinGame! \o/


Great news. Do you have a release date?

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End of the next week ETA.


This is the reason for me to come back!!!


Waiting for it? :slight_smile: https://twitter.com/viliusk/status/910100996319309824


Pinging people of this thread who voiced their passion for Kotlin and who might have missed the update:
@AudriusK @jano_alex_es @f_fraenz @ruslan5t @poksh @bvladoiu @droy00 @Supp0ze @jedau @Nokuap @Razielwar @TGITS @hexkid @Bastien_SFEIR @KB1 @caipivara @rbitard


Awesome! Nice work, I’ve been waiting for Kotlin support for a long time. I’ll definitely try it.