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I am not sure how to get promoted I beated wood 2 boss, and was not promoted whhy?

You need to be above the boss in the arena, after your 100 matches.

All the code disappeared, even the initial code when i “Refreshed”. Why is that bug coming out like that?
Usually when I refresh it gets back to the initial code. Everything disappeared. Anyone?

Same here. No initial code to start with. :confused:
Can you fix it ? :slight_smile:

Programming Language, Division (Wood, Silver, Gold…), Error JS in console ?

Edit: Will be fixed asap

Make a variable for speed, then a variable for max speed, and write:

if speed > max_speed
max_speed = speed

No, but it’s easy to make one. You need to compare your pod’s distance to its previous distance, which means you’ll need to add a variable to store your previous distance.

int distance;
int prev_distance;
int speed;

speed = prev_distance - distance;
cerr << "Speed: " << speed << endl;  // Or your language's error stream
prev_distance = distance; 

That way you’re look at the change in distance from one program cycle to the next.

Hi, I beat the gold boss and committed my code, but have not been promoted to legend league… Could there be a bug or is there something about the promotion mechanics that I am missing? Does one have to beat the boss several times in a row or something?

You need to be above the boss after you’ve done all your matches.

Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification! It looks like my code just sucked. :smiley: Guess it’s time to learn simulation and state space search then…

Receiving the error Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time… wilthepil will no longer be active in this game.

However, I read over the mission statement, and it appears there is nothing wrong with my algorithm as I believe I translated it fromt he mission statement to java correctly. Any insight or thoughts, please take the time to help if you can! :slight_smile:

You either timed out (took >150ms to make a move), errored out, or didn’t output your turn for some reason.

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Thanks. It was the latter.

On previous challenges, I could look at code others had produced after I had completed to see how to improve mine. In Coders Strike Back I beat most of the opponents by adjusting thrust depending on angles but I’d like to look at the code of the ones that beat me to see how I could improve. Is there a way to do that?

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You can’t view other people code after a challenge anymore. It has been disable because challenges are now public and accessible in Practice (Solo) or Compete (Multi/Opti).

If I misunderstood your term “challenges” (a live competition host every 2/3 months like the next one Ghost in the Cell) and you meant “Puzzle” (Old challenge like Fantastic Bits now accessible to everyone) you have access to the solution of an other Codingamer only in the Practice section (if you’ve already solved the puzzle in thaht language: E.G: And Coders Strick Back is in the Compete one.

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Can someone explain me how to use the Boost in C ?

try searching “boost” in this very topic. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of answers


hello there o/

i’ve just started using this site and learning ruby for not even a week yet, so I don’t really expect to get very far.
However I’m currently stuck on bronze league (414/8,198 as of now), right after the introduction of “bounce off”. The reason why I’m stuck is not the code (i think) but my lack of understanding what I’m supposed to do now, with the bounce added.

I tried to get slower while nearing a checkpoint, so the pod doesn’t spin around it “endlessly” anymore and i tried to avoid the enemy by slowing down when he gets closer, so he doesn’t bump me away anymore.

I don’t seek a ready solution here either, just someone who bumps me in the right direction to solve it :3

thanks in advance o/


My advice: ignore bouncing and collisions until later leagues. Just focus on racing well.

Slowing down is only necessary if you’ve already overshot the checkpoint. Consider adjusting your aim or angle of approach instead, to maintain max thrust as often as possible. If you’re not sliding through the checkpoint while already facing the next checkpoint most of the time, you’re probably not going as fast as you could.


Hi, english isn’t my native language so sorry for the mistakes. I’ve struggled long time with the boost part, and maybe some of you have or will have the same problem. SO, don’t forget the space between y and “BOOST”! Don’t write Console.WriteLine(nextCheckpointX + " " + nextCheckpointY + “BOOST”); but Console.WriteLine(nextCheckpointX + " " + nextCheckpointY + " BOOST");