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What is “remainingTime”?

How long the current round is still going. Initially it is 1, but when you detected one collision at t=0.3 for example, it will be 0.7 for the next collision check.

But the formula looks wrong to me, shouldn’t it be:
double posx1Min = position.x-radius + Math.min(0, remainingTime*speed.vx);
Why multiplying the position with the remaining time?


Wow ! What a mistake I did and no unit test to cover it up :confused:
Thanks for spotting it eulerscheZahl.

I just resubmited my code with the correction but it doesn’t seem to change my final position …

First of all congrats @iadevoops.
What do you mean for “an angle parameter for the reaper”?

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thanks @giganoide
“an angle parameter for the reaper” : I compute the angle between the reaper and the choseen target then i add {0°, +30°, -30°} to this angle for the first and the second move in the simulation.
If there is no obstacle between the reaper and the target, the best score will be for 0°, but if there is an obstacle like tanker or another looter, the simulation will choose +30°, -30° because the reaper will reach near to the target faster by contourning the obstacle.

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