MIME Type puzzle discussion


In the PHP version, the auto generated input-parser skeleton code is wrong.
$FNAME = stream_get_line(STDIN, 55 + 1, “\n”); // One file name per line.
It should have 256 instead of 55. The large dataset validator fails with 55.

It cost me lots of extra time to find this bug - I thought my code was buggy while it was fine and the provided code was the faulty…


Thank you man !
I’m new to c# and coudn’t find a solution to beat that final test !
Dictionnary saved the day.


I passed all test cases in C but I do not understand what is needed to validate limit sizes in extensions and filenames. I validated limit size in MIME types but I did not do something in particular.


Hi everyone !

I’m trying to do this challenge but there is a problem with my output stream… When I write “UNKNOWN” in the output stream, the only answer that the challenge find from me is “Nothing” although the output stream show me there is indeed a “UNKNOWN” printed… Has anybody already met this issue ?
(I use Python3.)

Thanks for you reply !


Are you sure the UNKNOWN is on the output stream? Did you maybe print it on the error stream instead while debugging?