New Leaderboards page

As you may have noticed, the Leaderboards page has been reworked.

You can now easily display a leaderboard and see your rank for your country/school/company. Performances on this page have also been updated.

So far, it seems you like it. This is the other feedback we got:

  • if I display the leaderboard around my rank, I can’t see two rows for my profile, since my profile is always on top.

  • If I choose to filter on some category of points, my rank does not update

If you’ve got any other remark or question, don’t hesitate!


I knew I was missing one, indeed thx @player_one

It would be nice if we could sort by level.


I really like the updates, and the performance increase is great. My only suggestion at the moment would be to add the count of players in the category you are filtering on somewhere. It would be nice to know that I am Rank 53 out of how many in my country or school or the world?

I also agree that the starting filter should be the World. I think the expected behavior for such things is to start broad and narrow down.


Where can I find my code from past contests now?

Indeed the button to get your code from pasts contests was on the previous leaderboards. We need it to add it again, either there or on another relevant tab.

I also agree on the world filter being placed first.

Another feature request is could it be possible to see how many points does a multiplayer game award us? Next to score, a CGPoints column would be great on multiplayer leaderboard

EDIT: same thing for optimisation puzzle and solo puzzles and contests

Not sure whether it’s related to the main leaderboards page change but I just noticed that whn I display the sidebar leaderboard in the AI IDE and I set a CodinGamer filter (e.g. gamers I follow), the filter eventually resets to all gamers all by itself when the leaderboard auto-refreshes…

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Ook to that.

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I can reproduce it. It’s on our bug list :wink:

Plz make default filter “World” instead of my country, it’s so annoying.

For me, it’s already World by default ?! Did you refresh your cache since the 1st release?

It seems the problem is somewhere in my Firefox. In Chrome everything is OK.

I tried doing this in Firefox

And it didn’t help.

Chrome on the left, Firefox on the right.
Menu items (AI, Puzzles) are not updated, and I’m redirected to /country/ru on any leaderboard.


We should store the last tab in the local storage. Thanks to pointing that out, we’ll investigate.