Ocean of Code - Bugs

Could you give ideas how it should be changed? You know best what would work better :slight_smile:

Maybe you can use a very different color, like blue or white ?


Not sure if these 3 colors work. I tried a few and the problem is the blue ocean we show through the 50 % transparent colors :thinking:

I’m sorry I’ve badly explained…
The problem is just for the loadings indicators and life points. In this image, I’m not able to see if my torpedo is fully loaded or not, if I have all my life points, etc.
And it’s only for the red player. For the green player, the contrast between the green points and the other points (I asked to my wife and it seems to be gray-green) are ok.

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Earlier today we published some new changes:

  • Wood bosses are slightly nerfed
  • Max turns increased to 300 each player
  • League updates are shown in green in the statement + other wording fixes in the statement
  • Tooltips on the viewer is reduced to only show lives lost. (Someone wanted the Actions back, so let us know and we can consider adding it back again)
  • Orange messages are shown on screen
  • Multiple frames are added every time a player does multiple commands
  • Current action is shown on the bottom of the screen

Hi, can you add wood 3 league just for moving.


Knowing why you lose life is useful for quick debugging. I miss actions too but I can live without if it hampers the viewer.

Yes, we will include what caused the life to be reduced in the tooltips.

Thanks, I also forgot to warmly thank you for all your efforts to bring this game to life. This is much appreciated


Hi, I would be very happy if you could put actions back to tooltips – makes it far easier for me to check what I’m doing there without scrolling through the hole log.
I like it that there are more moves now :slight_smile:


@ domak

Can you see the difference clearly here?

Yes, perfect.

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same problem, thanks !

colorblinds: we are legion!

you are right bro’ :slight_smile:

I think torpedos should be able to remove or trigger enemy mines.
the rule book (https://www.matagot.com/IMG/pdf/SONAR_RULES_EN_lr.pdf) also says that:

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Despite thinking this rule might be a good thing, I don’t think it’s a wise choice making such a change at this point.

why not? The challenge has started for 3 days only and will last for a month.

I’m willing to allow big rule change till the opening of the Silver league on Friday. Let’s see how it goes this week.


Use this to give feedbacks on how you like the tooltips. I’ll update the tooltips with whatever gets the most votes tomorrow.

No more changes after this Friday please!

I can see there might be a need to change some variables, but changing too often will get tiresome to readjust the bot. There will be some strategies that dominate others regardless.