Onboarding - Puzzle discussion


So, have you read the manual? :wink:


yes it helps a looooot


Hii !! I started studying C# this week … I want to improve my capacities and knowledge in this type of code. can you guys recommend me some websites? something that you have already used and find it useful. tbh I already searched for some and I’m thinkin on buying some books, idk … Anyways, if you can recommend something, Iappreciate it :slight_smile:
sorry for my english xD


If you prefer to learn from books you should definitely get one. It’s certainly a bigger commitment than “browsing some websites”. :wink:


How can I test my code…??


Could you give me a very basic “noob” tutorial as to how this website works?


If you can’t solve the Onboarding puzzle by yourself there isn’t much you can do here. Codingame doesn’t teach you how to code. It only gives you an opportunity to practice what you have learnt elswhere. The Onboarding puzzle is the most basic puzzle on the site.


I can’t understand this. please describe how to play and code.


I’m pretty sure that there are people in the world trying to create AI agents and which let them wander in the Net to interact with real people in order to learn things. This one is still in beta stage I guess.


It’s really simple. Have you read the template? Have you looked for tutorials?


The tutorial is kind of confusing because it tells you to play the game, but doesn’t let you modify the code for the Onboarding puzzle. You have to exit out of the tutorial (so I don’t) know if I’ve completed the tutorial.

Once in the Onboarding puzzle, I had no idea that the left top window scroll down to show the rules and the pseudocode. The tutorial would be more effective if it pointed these out (again not sure if it does this already because I couldn’t get past the “Play” button).


here is my C# code for tutorial



Can anyone tell me why this doesn’t pass any tests in the C harness…?


        fprintf (stderr, "E1: %s", enemy1);
        printf (enemy1);

In the output I get things like…

E2: Nobody
Standard Output Stream:
Game information:
Timeout: your program did not provide an input in due time.
No ships remaining.

What ‘input’ am I supposed to be ‘providing’?


You need to terminate you lines properly, either by using puts(enemy1), or printf("%s\n",enemy1). Ditto for enemy2.


Yeah that got it, thanks :slight_smile:


please avoid " , " infront of &enemy


I can’t understand how to slove


Just print the name of the nearest enemy.


I use printf("%s\n",enemy1)
bt still I cant solve


What’s the error message?