Onboarding - Puzzle discussion

You may ask questions related to specific puzzles in the relevant forum threads here. You may also ask other specific questions on CodinGame’s Discord chat.
You won’t get very far by asking for general help. “Specific” is the keyword. Hope you can understand and will get the help you need.

Same, I don’t get why it tells you to put a certain code and then it says that the code doesn’t work.

i’m new and i don’t now how to work it yet

Hi there, when I click submit, I am stuck on “Loading computing result”. Been there for 5 mins.

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MCCHikM i have no iq of coding

@wade24 SaMe

  • idk coding

  • i only know vars and prints

  • i hate puzzles

  • i wish theres practice.


  • 私はパズルが好きではありません [i don’t like puzzles]

If you want easier puzzles, try in code abbey.

Still paused? Having the same issue.

this application is amazing because if you want learn the devlopping this application is the best site

Hi, I’m new here I don’t know the site very well can someone help?

You may join the CodinGame Discord chat to ask for specific help.

i finally got it but it said you lose even though i killed them all

HELP! how do i make a stealth enemy with code.

Hi I am a new coder please help me out with all my questions

I am going to code a new game for my computer.

Try joining the Discord server of CodinGame. You can ask more non-CodinGame specific questions there.

I need help

Please be specific what help you require.

this coding is best

It is pretty jarring to see this as the first example as though the user already understands the syntax and flow structure. I think a lot of fresh off the boat users are coming here thinking this is step 1 not knowing it’s chapter 2. It seems like this site is designed for people who already understand programming or their preferred langauge to some minimal degree, but having an option to bootstrap users who don’t (or lead them somewhere else that will) would be ideal… could also help this discussions section.