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Can you help me? I’m stuck… c#

yes, actually we can help you


here’s my code for the second tutorial part, isnt 100% need kind help

you can not decide which enemy’s name to output in cycle, because in the first step of the cycle you simply can not predict what names come in next steps of those cycle, so put result output after cycle

why are you increasing count variable in the cycle? you are not sure how many steps you will have? read the problem situation, number of steps is defined and does not need to be changed, also those types of cycles are organised with “while” keyword.

you never reassign mindist variable, so on every step you will have the condition true and you will output every enemy’s name

commented "string closestenemy = " line is actually more correct, you should move in that direction

This guy:

i need help to i dont know how to code help

I’m lost, how do you do the one enemy part in C?

If C is hard for you, you might try an easier language.

I have an issue with c#, if I understand correctly, i should get number of enemies on the first line, but this is not happening. I just tried to dump the ouput and i am getting enemy info, no enemy number.

var str = Console.OpenStandardInput();
        foreach(var arg in args)

How do you attack an enemy?
What are the basics I am new to coding?

You print his name.

Can anybody tell me how should I proceed ? I am not getting anything ?

Which langage are you using?
Read the template code.

I need help. I don’t know what to do for this task.

You must print the name of the nearest enemy.

Hello. I can’t understand how to edit the code here. Explain me please. I know Java commands.

Just modify the code, then try each test case.
Maybe it won’t work with Firefox, try Chrome instead.

I use Chrome browser

Try some test cases.

I’m doing the onboard puzzle and it looks like the first one I read from ReadLine() is not the number of enemies but the name of the first enemy right away. Anyone else having trouble? I’m using C#.