Organizing Local Contests


As a CS teacher in a College, I’d like to organize local contests between students only (that I continuously push to go practice here) during lecture weeks or holidays, or even during school time. I would then find very useful to be able to start “private local contest” based on existing multiplayer games just for a limited time and not a just in the wide list of contestants …

Obviously, students would be able to prepare themselves on the various existing multiplayer… but since they cannot predict which one I would choose, it could still be a good idea :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions would be welcome :slight_smile:

In French :
Je suis prof de prog au Cegep (équivalent DUT au Québec) et je souhaitais savoir si une fonctionnalité permettant de créer des concours “privés” limités dans le temps pour mes étudiants serait une idée envisageable dans le futur :slight_smile:

Ca me permettrait de les garder occupés à faire un peu de prog pendant les semaines de “lecture” qu’on a ici :slight_smile:

Toute autre suggestion est bienvenue :slight_smile:

I’d say, create a teacher account for you, then follow all your students, then pick a game / start date / end date, and just publish your “follower leaderboard” every morning until end date ?
Doing so you have a kind of “private leaderboard”.


teacher account ? Is that a recent thing I missed ?

Oh no, I understand, you mean a specific account I just use with my students … I don’t really need to do that as I have just students friends in here… but I have to create a new account for each group or flush all followees every new contest … I yeah that could be a workaround :slight_smile: Thanks!

It’d still be cool to have a strat/end date feature in the leaderboard to extend it to that usage though :slight_smile:

We often host several private contest for school, with custom dashboard (email, nickname, school year, ranking, custom fields) through CodinGame for Work.

Depending on your budget, it might be interesting to contact our sales department :slight_smile:

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As it is for leisure more than a real evaluation, I have no budget for it :frowning:

But I understand that it is a feature that is marketable for companies and you thus do so :slight_smile:
Server money must come from somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I may go with Jahz workaround for the time being then :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure how “legal” it is, but this step can even be automated and displayed on external page. CG website has a well made REST API, so it’s quite easy to export things like leaderboards.

You can create your own multiplayers now.
Ask for the access to upload it on CG and share the link to your game with your students.

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Sorry to weigh in so late. We actually offer this service for free for schools. So I invite you to contact me directly ( :slight_smile:

Ooooh … I could even make them make one ! :smiley:

Thanks !

Merci Thibaud !

Je vais d’abord vérifier leur motivation et leur engagement avec Coders Strike Back et je te reviens la dessus :wink: