Platinum Rift II - Need clarification of the rules


I need a clarification about the new rule (Fog of War).
If I own a zone that is covered by the fog, what is the “ownerId” of this zone ?
It should be equal to my id (since I own the zone) but it is always equal to -1…


Hi, the ID is always -1 if you don’t see a cell.

Ok, so why the color of those cells do not become grey when they are covered by the fog ?
And if they become neutral because of the fog, I assume that I don’t profit from their corresponding platinum production anymore. Is it right ?

They don’t become neutral, they are just seen as neutral.

Ok, thank you for your answer.
The problem is that it is not consistent. The value of “ownerId” should correspond to the color of the cell, and that is not the case…

It was the case earlier in the week, but we could easily find and anticipate enemy movements. It was not very representative of the fog of war (and also a bug), so they fixed it.

Ok, so do we earn platinum from those controlled cells with fog ?

Yes, of course, it’s still yours but you don’t see it :smiley: