[Poll] What programming language would you like CodinGame to support next?

I’ll let the poll live for at least a month before taking any action.

I don’t intend on talking for every case, but at least for mine and some other known ones (actually I learnt of your comment from one of those other people), there is nothing suspicious nor strange, we are new in the community but know Codingame for some time, we found out about this survey, and think that if our favorite listed language turns out to be the winner it could have a positive effect for it.

Of course not saying everyone is the same, sadly I am pretty sure the options that are over my fav one are receiving a lot of fakes votes! (j/k ;P).

As a month is over now, what will be the next steps?

to andre2007
well, IMO Dlang will appear in some future :slight_smile:
better say to CG next things (help CG, they are not Dlang gurus. such help speeds up Dlang appearances in the lang comboboxes):

  • where exactly ask questions about installer and some installs issues if they will appear? (which forum at https://forum.dlang.org/?). can they ask u privatly? probably need to create some topic at some forum - here or at Dlang (last one will be answered in few minutes).
  • which compiler better: DMD, LDC, GDC - pro and contra? which CLI commands for choosen compiler? how to low-mem for VM? precise GC (less work = less pauses) can be setuped at runtime, so dont need it.
  • Dlang supports exceptions and when program will crush (not too rare) better to see good stack trace (not just hex addresses) so probably need debug info as CLI command. which one?
  • IMO better add one more button [DEBUG TESTS] that runs tests with full debug info with all checks (and slowly). [SUBMIT] and [RUN TESTS] do work with full optimization. to find bugs in source most of time enough to see readable stacktrace. BUT adding new button is complex task (it will not be done most likely) so which compiler options add debugging info for readable stacktraces with best optimizations?
    for example Dlang supports versions code that can do job in some circumstances:
    debug stderr.writefln( “vars: a=%s, b=%s, c=%s”, A, B, AxA+BxB );
    that prints to stderr for debug compiles and drop such code in release (less machine codes, faster execution). and many other things. same for rust(dbg!(a+b)) and C++(asserts) so such button will be useful
  • please add something more useful help
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Thanks for the useful list.

  1. I would propose to use Slack (dlang.slack.com) and open a new channel for codingame. Users can here also be contacted directly.
    I know 3 ways to install DMD on linux. Either install a .deb file, extract a zip file or use a install.sh script.

  2. Rule of thumb: DMD compiles very fast but executables are not optimised for runtime. LDC compiles slower but executables are optimised for runtime. I do not know what is more important for codingame.

Recently switch -lowmem was added to DMD (and LDC) to reduce memory consumption during compilation. Precise GC was also added, but i need to look in detail how to activate it.

  1. Compile and run with stacktrace enabled
    dmd -g -debug -lowmem -run myscript.d

C++ O3



please add D pic © Kaylan Tussey
please add D

Heee add Matlab ! Should be dope, and it’s totally free
Wanted to say Python2 but it’s officially dying soon :sob:

Octave is free.
(not a joke)

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@Razovsky Python2 it’s already on CG under the name “Python”. Julia and R (in this poll) and python+numpy (already available on CG) are alternatives to Matlab (not exactly the same, but close enough for what you might wanna do with them here).

Actually PyPy (really fast python interpreter / JIT compiler) could also be useful on CG when performance is required.

@Niako about python 2, he just wanted to say that the official support will finish at the end of 2019, so even he does not do any python yet, he wanted to claim his sadness :slight_smile:

Scilab too.

I personally use Codingame to learn completely new languages. (For instance, deep diving into Javascript before making the leap to Rust) I would vote that we include unique languages that expand the capacity to learn drastically different programming styles using problems with known solutions. e.g. Adding FORTRAN or Assembly has real educational value.


I thread with only 3 posts is not a very lively thread by any measure. But actually, there’s been lots of discussion about CodinGame on the D forum in the past. There’s a community of enthusiasts on the D forum, and they often discuss how they wish D was supported.

@TwoSteps can you please give an update on this poll?

I’ll see with my colleagues if we can add a language (either D or TypeScript looking at the results) during the summer.

Can you please give us update on a regular basis?
Will the poll be closed due a specific event or on a specific date? When can we expect the next update on this topic?

I miss MOS 6502 assembly :slight_smile:

@TwoSteps any update on this topic?

I won’t close the poll any time soon. I’ll update the topic if I have any news.