Public API for returning data about a particular user?


I’m creating an open-source website generator for developers, for they to use as a CV/portfolio hosted on GitHub for free. The generated website contains information from their profiles on GitHub and Stackoverflow, as well as links to these profiles.

As I think Codingame is revelant, I’d like to include information about their Codingame profile, if they have one. For that I’d need a public API supporting JSONP (so I can call from the browser, the website is static) to return the user’s profile info. For Codingame, it seems interesting to list their rank and coding points.

Does that make sense? Can I do that as of now? Would you implement that?

I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi @andrerpena

Next time use the search button: Other public API thread

Long story short, there is a unofficial private but exposed API that you can use, but be aware that there isn’t any documentation and that it may changes at any moment.

With that API, you can do what you’re looking for

Did you end up creating this website generator?