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I think this needs clarification on a few things: Do skulls count towards color bonus, or block bonus?

If I recall correctly, they do not count toward either.

To get out of the first tutorial wood league, simply drop the colors in the column that they correspond to. Put color 0 in column 0, color 1 in column 1, etc. You will have to read in all the colors and store them in an array as opposed to using the default code.

I loved it! It was easy to understand and grasp the concept. :slight_smile:

Is there a referee or a simple game engine available for this puzzle? It would be helpfull.

I always have trouble getting these to run, but when I do they are useful

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I don’t understand this error ?
invalid input. Expected ‘1 <= position < 6’ but found ‘position = 0’
The right column are from 0 to 5 , why there is an error ?

I find the solution.
if(i == 5 && j == 0)continue;
if(i == 0 && j == 2)continue;
i indice et j rotation