Spring Challenge 2021 - Bugs & Questions

The c++ starter code breaks once the user reaches wood 1 - when parsing PossibleMoves it doesn’t read the indexes on Grow / Seed moves so the input gets out of sync.


Hello! I lose the game if I have no tree remaining on the board even if I lead the score:

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It seems your bot timed out in this replay, causing you to be eliminated. Check how it handles an absence of trees, it might have crashed.


Tried on edge too, similar result. Okay trying in chrome with all extension disabled

I tried to reproduce it and couldn’t. I’ll chalk this up to an error on my part. I should have known better and provided something more. My apologies.

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Hey, I’m a little confused by the statement.
It says that

They will find the shadow on a cell spooky if any of the trees casting a shadow is of equal or greater size than the tree on that cell.

So, in the picture below the following trees should be casting a shadow over
cell 23

  • The tree of size 3 on cell 7

  • The tree of size 2 on cell 8

Since both 7 and 23 are of size 3, I think 23 should be spooky.
It appears, however, that only the latest tree in the path of the sunlight is taken into account.

I am not sure whether that is a bug or that is how it’s supposed to work but I think the statement should be clearer in the latter case.



Hi guys. This is my first time doing the Spring Challenge. I had to use the community starter AIs to get started but managed to make it to Wood League 1 (super proud of myself). Now that I’m in this league, the inputs have changed loads. I’m working through the code to assign the inputs to the correct variables. I made a list of size 4 from inputs that I’ve split by spaces, but now it’s saying that “IndexError: list index out of range” when I try to assign it to a variable but when I do print(inputs[1]) it works.
TLDR: I keep getting IndexErrors that don’t make sense.

Thanks for the tip, I had it enabled but still showing grey for me with Chrome 90.0.4430.93 (Build officiel) (64 bits)
Maybe my computer gets really too old and hardware acceleration is not good enough or even available at all.

But with Firefox it works.

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Could you share parts of your code to make it easier to understand your problem? (If there is already an Ai or a certain logic in your code and thus others who could read this get an advantage, please only share the code in a private message.)

All examples i have seen of this behaviour was

  • start of day
    and then there was a GROW action afterwards

but shadows are not recalculated after a grow, they are only calculated on day start


Hi all,
I am not able to test my bot against other codingamers I am following. I can see them in the leader-board so I know they are taking part into the challenge, but I cannot see them when choosing an opposing agent in the IDE. It’s kind of annoying when you want to play with friends…
Does anyone else have this problem?

Ah yes that’s probably it.
But I reckon it would make more sense if shadows were computed at the start of each turn instead, for added clarity.
But indeed it doesn’t change the logic, since sun points are harvested at the start of the day anyway.

Would be nice to see current nutrient value in visualizer

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You can see the current on the left value, if you open the settings in the player and activate the debug mode.

okay so i made the code a bit more vague so if you probably will know what area it is if you’ve coded it but if you not done the challenge, it wouldn’t make sense
for i in range(iterable):
ins = input() # ignore this one, can’t figure out what this input value is for
inputs = input().split(" ")
variable1 = int(inputs[0])
variable2 = int(inputs[1])
variable3 = inputs[2] != “0”
variable4 = inputs[3] != “0”
The values I get back after the print are [‘1’, ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘0’]. And if I do print(len(inputs)), I get back 4, but when I try to do variable2 = int(inputs[1]) I get the IndexError. If I say print(int(inputs[1]), it prints the value and I get the IndexError on that print line.
I’m honestly just having the worst time with these inputs, especially since they seemed to have changed between Wood League 2 and Wood League 1.

I’ve distilled my stream code to a simple Haskell starter, if there’s any interest. Ought to spare you a lot of stub rewriting.

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I can’t really reproduce your bug. For me everything works as it should with your code. Actually, the input between Wood 2 and Wood 1 shouldn’t have changed either.
Have you ever tried to reset the code to the default code with the button at the top right and then tried to see if there was also an error message?

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Is there a way to run the tester (https://github.com/CodinGame/SpringChallenge2021) locally?

I reset it and everything worked correctly. Not sure why it didn’t work for me before but at least I can build up my code again from here.
Thanks so much @ItsAFeature

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Hello, I don’t understand how much cost action “SEED”, and I don’t find it in the rules.
Can you help me ?
Thanks !