Spring Challenge 2022 - Feedbacks & Strategies

First of all, warm thanks to CG for organizing this very successful contest and congratulations to all winners. Watching your replays is really an amazing experience. Finally, thanks to all participants for being such fierce competitors.

My performance (633th) does not deserve any comments except that I’ll be back :wink:. I will focus on the contest progress.

As experienced by many, the chosen topic was simple to grasp but quite hard to master. Nevertheless, the Bronze league became really overcrowded quite early. This preliminary phase should not last longer than two days. Then came Silver league opening and a massive automatic rerun which rendered the site unusable for many hours. IMHO, automatic reruns during contests should be disabled. Players are mature enough to decide if they need it. The same freeze happened also on a minor scale when Gold league opened.

Then came the final rush to Legend. The 3 days period compared to the usual 2 was a good move that benefited to many until the very last minute but the servers overload became blatant. With submits lasting more than 3 hours in Gold league, it was quite difficult to assess improvements. Because the boss is not deterministic, it was also useless as a benchmark tool.

To summarize:

  • please add more servers during contests
  • disable automatic reruns
  • open Silver league earlier
  • extend Legend league duration
  • choose deterministic bosses

FYI, we’ve decided to remove this seed reversal possibility for the release of the game.


It’s so cool !
Congratulations !


For Japanese-speaking people, this could potentially help: https://bowwowforeach.hatenablog.com/
(I don’t actually know Japanese and I haven’t tried google translate on the post yet, but I’ve seen the link around, and maybe it’ll help others.)


I’ve read the post by translating the page in the browser, the translation was not too bad. I think it was really interesting to see the workflow and tools used :smiley:

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Hi @bowwowforeach, How did you learn chokudai algorithm ???

If you just want a quick code, see https://twitter.com/chokudai/status/713979313377255425?t=yEK1QJfGY7lPuilV1thPgQ&s=19

Chokudai seems quite famous on codingame, but not a lot documented in English


Chokudai search is an algorithm similar to beam search.
While beam search is a width-first search, chokudai search is a depth-first search.

I am not sure if anyone has explained it in English.
The link provided by @_BZH_TidyMaze is helpful.

@_BZH_TidyMaze Thank you.


Warning, the link I provided has many errors (see translated responses in Twitter thread). If someone has a better and working example of this algorithm please provide it :slight_smile:


What do you mean by : [quote=“VizGhar, post:10, topic:195736”]
just make the “wind radius” smaller by 10 units
[/quote] ? What is the radius that you calculate ?

If you are winding mobs inside your wind radius (1280) and you are missing them, then you are probably not rounding distances properly. Either you have to compute it properly (rules says):

  • After an entity moves towards a point, its coordinates are truncated (when below halfway across the map) or rounded up (when above halfway across the map), only then are distance-based calculations performed (such as monster damage).

Or you simply use 1270 instead of 1280 as wind radius. 10 is not that much and your bot will perform nearly same

Many players complained that game isn’t perfect because of this minor things