Suggestion: leaderboard of Languages

I’m curious. Because not all languages can call system (or equivalent) that easily. But maybe i’m wrong.

Who’s the counterexample?

I’m digging into my memory of when i was doing some golf puzzle. I remember some languages without this feature. Maybe pascal or F# but i’m unsure.

But there’s no miracle way for to locate high-XP users if they don’t appear on the CP leaderboards.

Not a nice or full solution, but high-XP users could be added manually to that list as a one time action. CodinBot and AutomatonNN are already appearing on the list without having much CP…
I have a list of public handles / pseudos of the high-XP users from top1000to5000 CP leaderboard.
There are 4 users from this subset who would make into even top100 by XP. And ~350 users who would be in top1000 by XP.
Even this would be better than leave them out as it is now. Yes, I know anyone with even lower CP would be still left out…

Yet another unsolicited language stats:
“What is the primary language of CG solo puzzle solvers?”

Data source: same as with other stats above: top5000 players in term of CP, who solved at least 1 solo puzzle. Now users are categorized based on what language they solved the most puzzles in (absolute numbers irrelevant).
There is a correlation with the current TIOBE language popularity index, though there are some notable differences.


Remember the hype bus for D on the languages thread.
Look at the 0.02%.

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To be fair, TIOBE’s reliability has been very often put into question, as their metrics are rather biased. But yeah, who would have thought bandwagoning a language wouldn’t work out… Even the instigators left CG soon after they got what they wanted.

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To be fair, being the last language added doesn’t help at piling submissions either.

(As for TIOBE… yeah, lol)


It’s actually quite surprising that c++ leads in the grand total among the top 1000. I would have expected more java/python/js/ts contestants. But it’s probably biased by the fact that programmers willing to perform well will choose the “most optimal” language available on cg.

Yes, most likely that is the reason.
In the top100 it is even more obvious.
The API does not allow to get such stats about the whole CG population, but I assume there C++ would be lower, Python and Javascript higher.

Let me share the updated per language toplists for solo & optim & golf puzzles, based on the top10k players by CP rank.
Happy coding in 2021!


:wave: Hi to All !

Thanks to @TBali, @Chadok, @Magus and maybe more ones (sorry not to be able to @them),
I’ve found from this post the very useful stats tool “Player’s puzzle activity” (from Index) to get an overview to all my puzzles solved and Languages used for :slight_smile: !

Wonderful : good job gays :wink: !
=> have :sun_with_face: sun and :speech_balloon: fun …
:clap: Thanks for the share on the forum :+1: :grinning: !


The kudos belongs to @Stilgart, author of the puzzle stats tool mentioned.


OK, very good, thanks @TBali for your reply, and :clap: @Stilgart for your good job :+1:, graceful shared with us :wink: