Temperatures puzzle discussion


To add some details, your code should be able to tackle all the different cases according to the rules of the puzzles. If your code validates every test in the IDE but not the validators, it means

  • either your code doesn’t handle an edge case which is not described by the IDE tests

  • or your code is “lucky” (outputting correct answer with wrong logic in IDE)


Ok merci, je sais ce qui me reste à faire…



Thanks you Thibaud,

I know what I have to do…



90% done, error in 7th test case
“Two negative temperatures that are equal: {-10 -10}”

i wrote this code, please review it.


  • Auto-generated code below aims at helping you parse
  • the standard input according to the problem statement.
    var temp = [];
    var n = parseInt(readline()); // the number of temperatures to analyse
    var inputs = readline().split(’ ');
    var close_no = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
    var t = parseInt(inputs[i]); // a temperature expressed as an integer ranging from -273 to 5526
    temp[i] = parseInt(t);
    if (!n){
    close_no = 0;
    else if(temp.length === 1){
    close_no = temp[0];
    close_no = parseInt(temp[0]);
    for(var i = 0; i < n; i++){
    if(Math.abs(temp[i]) < Math.abs(close_no)){
    close_no = temp[i];
    else if(Math.abs(temp[i]) == Math.abs(close_no)){
    close_no = Math.abs(temp[i]);

// Write an action using print()
// To debug: printErr(‘Debug messages…’);



Please try not to post full code on the forum.

Anyway, 3 points for you to get started debugging:

  • Try to use “printErr” to debug your code. (That was mentioned near the end of your code, and is the advice provided by the default code.)
  • Please examine the TWO for-loops in your code: which lines will be executed, in what order, and how many times? Are those what you originally intended?
  • How will the last “else if” behave if (a) 10 appears before -10, (b) -10 appears before 10, and © -10 appears twice?


the first loop was there already when i started solving this problem. i think it takes value from user and converts it into integer and move it into an Array.

the second loop traverse through the array and compares all values of array with each other. and print the values according to the set condition of problem.

the last else of does whats was told here “If two numbers are equally close to zero, positive integer has to be considered closest to zero (for instance, if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5).” it converts value to absolute and compare the values and print the positive value. but i think this logic fails when we have two negative values i.e. {-10,-10}


Q1. You actually have a loop within another loop. For example, if you have an outer loop which runs 5 times and an inner loop which runs 5 times on its own, then the inner loop is actually called 25 times. Is that what you want? Or is it possible/more reasonable to merge both loops into a single loop?

Q2. Not sure whether you have understood the question statement the same way as it is intended. Examples for your reference:
(a) [5, 5] -> answer is 5
(b) [-5, -5] -> answer is -5
© [5, -5] -> answer is 5
(d) [-5, 5] -> answer is 5
The answer must be a number in the original input(s). The problem statement does not expect you to convert the number to its absolute value before providing it as the answer.


Thats Nested Loop that you’re talking about and i’m not using it. and yes we can merge them into a single loop.
i understand the problem. i can create logic and code of A,C,D but i cannot make the logic of B part that where i need help.


Oh I am very sorry that I misread your code and thought it was a nested loop.

As I said, your last “else if” is not working properly for the problem. You do not assign the absolute value of the temperature to close_no if that absolute value does not exist in the list of temperatures. Just convert my last sentence to code :wink:


I noticed an error In the bash skeleton : the loop cannot work because the delimiter was commited in the “read” command.

It should be :
read -d " " t

because the temperatures are on a single line.


How do i get 2 negative integers work?
Here’s my code:
class Solution
static void Main(string[] args)
int n = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); // the number of temperatures to analyse
string[] inputs = Console.ReadLine().Split(’ ');
int temp = 9999;
int output = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)
int t = int.Parse(inputs[i]); // a temperature expressed as an integer ranging from -273 to 5526
if (Math.Abs(t)== temp){
if (t<temp) output = temp;
else output = t;
} else if (Math.Abs(t)<temp){
temp = Math.Abs(t);
output = t;
if (t<0 && temp <0 && t == temp) {
output = t;


Please try not to post full code in the forum.
Think about what logic you are trying to achieve with your code. Then you can re-write your code based on that logic.
Also it helps to walk through your code using simple examples. For example, use these examples to see where your code fails:
(a) [5, 5] -> answer is 5
(b) [-5, -5] -> answer is -5
© [5, -5] -> answer is 5
(d) [-5, 5] -> answer is 5
Print debug messages to see what values have been assigned during each loop, which also helps you find out where the issues are.


Hi. All test are green but i get only 81%.
Test 2 and 3 are shown as red when i submitt.
Cant find my fault.
Here is the code written in Pascal:
for i := 0 to n-1 do
t := StrToInt(Inputs[i]);
if (t>0) and (t<=minP) then begin
if (t<0) and (t>=minN) then begin
if abs(minP) = abs(minN) then wert:=tP;
if abs(minP) > abs(minN) then wert:=tN else wert:=tP;
if abs(minP) < abs(minN) then wert:=tP;
if (minP = 5526) and (minN < 0) and (minN<>-273) then wert:=tN;
if (minP = 5526) and (minN = -273) then wert:=0;


No one knows what’s in the validator (and I’m assuming you’re passing all the practice test cases because your code looks pretty good), but I see a potential problem. Not sure if it’s THE problem, but it’s A problem.

Try with these numbers
-2 0 4

Answer should be 0.


import java.util.;
import java.io.
import java.math.*;


  • Auto-generated code below aims at helping you parse

  • the standard input according to the problem statement.
    class Solution {

    public static void main(String args[]) {
    Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);
    int n = in.nextInt();
    int[] a=nextInt[n];// the number of temperatures to analyse
    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
    int a[i] = in.nextInt(); // a temperature expressed as an integer ranging from -273 to 5526

int x=a[0];int y=0;
{ y=a[i];

}        // Write an action using System.out.println()
    // To debug: System.err.println("Debug messages...");


please help me to solve the eroro

  1. Please don’t post full code on the forum.
  2. What will your code produce
    (a) if a[0] = -1 and a[1] = 1
    (b) if a[0] = 1 and a[1] = -1?
  3. Your syntax doesn’t seem correct.


this is my solution in java, but there is an error I can’t resolve, please help:

[EDIT: Don’t post full code on the forum. In this particular case, posting the error is sufficient.]

error: cannot find symbol



it’s println (with L), not printIn (with uppercase i)


wow I am stupid… much appreciated!


In f# autogenerated code, instead of word[0] it should generate word[i] is not a big deal but can cause headaches