The Labyrinth - Puzzle discussion

Hello 5DN1L,

Thanks for replying and your directions , I will get back at it again.

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Hello all!

I built an horrible but functional code that solve all of the test cases in IDE.
When I published it, it failed two validators:

  • one of them was an AHA moment - of course I didn’t implement one of the features that I needed - and I corrected it.
  • the second one doesn’t even start, looking at the only output I can get I see “Timeout: your program did not provide an input in due time.”
    No debug info, of course, but I’m at loss on why it wouldn’t return on time, given I already played worse case scenario off-IDE.

Am I stuck forever with an 87% score?

Not sure what you meant by “I already played worse case scenario off-IDE”? How did you test the case off-IDE? Did you use the mini-map at the lower left corner of the replay to rebuild the case for your debugging?

I printed each input for a number of turns in a few cases that were putting pressure (AKA computing time) to my algorithm, then used that input in a local IDE (PyCharm) to do some line-by-line debugging and remove the bottlenecks.

The case that fails is not even that complex: my code had issues with the open maps and not with the labyrinths with walls.

The fact that the test case fails with my code not providing a reply is puzzling.

If you want, you may send me your codes (the one you use for IDE and the one you use for off-IDE) by private message to have a look.

No need anymore, thank you!

I did not think to infer the input from the minimap.
I did just that, tested locally, and found the error.
I do a check on maxrow when attaching a node, and used maxrow instead of maxrow -1.

Really interesting that this didn’t came up with the empty map case.

Now sorted, 100% achieved.

thank you!

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Thank you very well it works for me and pass the harder tests
to aviod same distance use euclidian distance