Too many community puzzle notifications

Since a recent update I receive a notification each time someone validated or declined a community puzzle. I’m not really interested in community puzzles at this time and in my opinion the amount of notifications about them clutter my notification inbox too much. I’d like to see an option to turn this of (if there already is an option then I feel silly).



There is currently no way to turn this notification off. However we might add it.

We knew that some CodinGamers could find these notifications annoying, that’s why we tried to reduce them (you can receive max 1 notif about 1 contribution per day) but it seems not enough.

We’ll talk about it tomorrow and I’ll let you know what we do.

I don’t care if I receive lots of notifications.

Related question:
Is it possible to remove my “rights” to validate/refuse a community puzzle, so I also don’t get any notifications about community puzzles?

I haven’t been able to put much time in CodinGame lately and I want to return, but 30 notifications per log in really bother me, since community puzzles are personally my least favorite part of CodinGame.

if I’m not mistaken, there is a small update ongoing to be able to deactivate these notifications in the settings tab. Should be released soon. I’ll update this topic when it’s done

any news ? It’s pretty annoying, my notification area is filled with such messages.

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We finally didn’t do it because we had other priorities at that moment. Sorry about that :confused:

Actually current notifications list is almost unusable. I can’t find anything valuable for me (e.g. blog entries, new contests, new leagues for old contests) in the decades of “validated/refused” messages.
Also it will be very helpful to add expiration time for Clash Of Code invitation notifications.

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I’m repeating myself, but: Would it be possible to give my rights away to moderate community puzzles. I’m still absolutely not interested in community puzzles, and the related notifications not only kill the notification function (as others have stated: real notifications get buried in spam) but also makes me enjoy this site less (turns out I can’t just ignore the red number that says I have new notifications).

What I also don’t understand is, how “some random person refused some random uninteresting puzzle” is worth notifying anyone (or even everyone on codingame)…
I mean it’s not even “a new popular puzzle is available, you might want to check it out”, it’s literally saying “there is something you don’t need to know”. I doubt this is even relevant to people that enjoy community puzzles.

So: Please give us a way to dodge these notifications or ban community puzzle related notifications from the notifier :slight_smile:


I agree with the others. I can’t find interesting notifications due to them being buried by the community puzzle notifications.

yeah this is still a thing unfortunately.

Hello Everyone!

I can see that this topic is kind of old, but it is keep happening. I just wanted to ask if there is any progress? Also If you click on one of those notifications, it takes you to an error page. I see no reason. What purpose this notification serves?


Same 404 error here.

See this thread:

Keeping this thread alive, I have no idea why I’m getting any of these notifications (similar to _K_Gabor’s screenshot above).

I’m used to notifications such as league promotions, friend followings and other valuable ones.

I’m sure it would take some time to make these notifications manageable properly, but maybe it could be easier to separate them until a refactor could come. For example, there could be a Contribution Notification Area, which would be the same as the current one, but both notification container would store only the relevant ones. One for the ones we had below level 20, and one for the community puzzles/CoC validations/rejections.


There are so many community puzzle notifications that I stopped reading any notifications. I just delete all of them.

"Noisy_Turtle_PostIt_993" has validated “Tree Chocolate Fudge (Harder Version)” (Puzzle)
Nice! Luckily I have a notification for that!
I almost missed that, among the other 2422 puzzle notifications.

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You can now deactivate these notifications if they annoy you:


Oh I forgot, we also reverted to the previous behavior: all notifications are sent. Not just one per puzzle per 24h.