Unable to get achivements after complete (Mars Lander/Easy), (Mayan Calculation)

Update, I’ve changed topic title, updated its content and moved to Feedback & Bugs category because this is no longer a problem of on puzzle.

Mars Lander/Easy

Hello, I believe I had completed, about 10 hours ago, 100% the puzzle plus landing on Mars while using less than 200L of fuel. But still now I don’t receive any achievements yet. Are those (3) achievements still available?

Here is the replay of my code:

Mayan Calculation

I’m very sure that I have passed every validators and get 100% progress but still have no achievements just like above.

(Took me 15min to figure out how to send a reply, and still I think I did it wrong. Forum back then didn’t this complicated)

I really don’t see what is the difficulty in clicking on the “reply” button once you are in the right topic…

About the achievements, are you sure you got 100% after submitted your code ? And the third is “at least 300L” not “less than 200L”…

My bad, somehow FF couldn’t load a script that displays the reply button. It was look like this:

(I used F12 to reimage what I experience (I had to use Ctrl+Enter to send the reply) but now thing back to normal and I got the ‘reply’ button back)

Back to the main topic. I’m very sure, I spend around 4 hours to deal with the puzzle which got 2 versions written in Ts. Both of them got 100% progress. And I didn’t misunderstand either, I meant I used less then 200L which is the fuel remains must be at least 300L (but yeah, it was my bad in describe problem.) If I recall correctly, it was around 311L remains. I published my code after completed. Maybe you want to take a look?

The constraint for the achievement is on the validation test, not the IDE one. So it’s possible your solution isn’t good enough to keep 300L, independently of your results in the IDE.

This is replay of my validator, please tell me where were I wrong I believe the achievements has forgot to check my result (this could be cache bug):

issue was on our side. Sorry about this and thanks for reporting it:

About the reply button being hidden, we’ll look into it. Thanks

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