Vision for Community Puzzles - 1.5 years later

Will we get XP accordingly for harder community puzzles solved?

And for future puzzles? Author-assessed?

Not yet. We prefer to wait a bit and see the first results of this change.

Difficulty will be author-assessed (and moderators-assessed).

University of Wroclaw, Poland.
Sorry, there are no materials online.

Nice. Good thing. I don’t really code for community puzzles at the moment. Because i have to search deep to find a “hard one”.

When you state “moderators-assessed”, do “moderators” mean forum/chat moderators, or players who have the right to accept/reject/edit the puzzles, or some other group of people?

I think this is “community puzzles moderators”. So people with a level >29.

Puzzle moderators indeed, so people who can currently accept/refuse puzzles (level > 20)

Is it possible to move the sorting and pathfinding puzzles ( to the “practice” section too?


The community puzzles have no pretty pictures. All practice puzzles have pretty pics. Please allow pretty pics before merging. Thanks.


Just upgrade your avatar, will you? :upside_down:

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While logically it makes sense (and I agree) that we get different xp for puzzles of different difficulty levels, is it acceptable that some have solved a certain puzzle and found that its difficulty level has been adjusted later (i.e. the puzzle’s difficulty level has been edited after it has been approved by 3 moderators)?

And probably this won’t happen, but there is a possibility that one may edit the puzzle to make it harder, solve the puzzle and get a higher level of xp, and then edit the puzzle again to revert to the original difficulty?

if we adjust the difficulty of a puzzle, I believe it would be retro-active.

The second scenario is far-fetched :slight_smile:
If anyone wants to do it, that’s ok

It seems some puzzles are missing after the rearrangement occurred.

Which are missing?