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I’m not sure what’s wrong with your input, but each player has 9 cards in that test case, not 6.
P1 has: 8C, KD, AH, QH, 3D, KD, AH, QH, 6D
P2 has: 8D, 2D, 3H, 4D, 3S, 2D, 3H, 4D, 7H

8C vs. 8D: WAR
8C, KD, AH, QH and 8D, 2D, 3H, 4D go to each “war deck”
Next they draw: 3D, 3S: WAR
3D, KD, AH, QH and 3S, 2D, 3H, 4D go to each “war deck”
Next they draw: 6D, 7H: Player 2 wins and gets everything.

Maybe there is something wrong when you read the input?

Edit: Looks like all cards which go into the war deck are duplicates. Do you possibly have a unique check somewhere?


Wow… Come on !! Thank you Garrincha !!


you are probably dealing the card in the opposite order


Not as useless as you might think !
What was your problem? Because I probably have the same.


I was confused by this game, because I did not return the 3 cards one by one (making things complex for realistic when the algo is simple).
It would have been better with clear examples :wink:


Thanks! I’ve had a problem like that a few years ago… A shame I didn’t remember that. You got me to 100%! :tada:


solved 100%, but too long to debug. The difficulty should be in the problem, not in long data to read and deal with truncated debug info if there are too many rows.

> p1 cards 8C KD AH QH **2S**
> p2 cards 8D 2D 3H 4D **3S**
> 8C vs 8D
> p1Wins

You code should conclude that P2 wins (3>2)


Thank you, you saved me.

I misread the given explanation and added the cards of the winning player first (like it is with most games of that type I know).

I even went through the faulty case by hand and arrived at the same solution (as I added winning player first again).

Stupid head replacing “first player” with “winning player”.

Anyway, thanks. Now I can go to sleep :smiley: